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  1. a working ags,the crazy inventory thing,pet dragon,bandos armor,and teleporting would be sweet,ring of charos and telegrab,and eating a shark in bite to heal myself(hahaha,RAMBO STYLE!)
  2. are you a botter? how much money you got? levels? i dont like questions much :P
  3. i played a 16 hour day and got like 1m+ wc xp at ivies :D
  4. its not worth it,if ur gunna use the tools,stay volatile(or the one that stays the same),but like sum1 stated,dont use the wc axe or the pick axe for mining,unless ur doing granite or ivy,its really not worth it otherwise,the knife,hammer and needle are great for craft/fletch/smith/con,saves u a ton of cash in the end
  5. i myself,am a p2p player.Ive tried to make a pure f2p character,never worked.i always ran out of bank space or got bored.i got much respect for f2p players having to pay 100's of M to get 99 pray and the millions of clicks to bury them bones,and nothing great for rc,and i wish jagex would make f2p more fun like atleast 80-100 bank spaces,maybe a few more updates or some fun new things,like baby drags,cuz serious,most membs dont train on baby drags,or maybe a cool boss monster other than dung like kbd or mole.i support f2p and i dont think rs should be pay only like wow,noone would play.
  6. There are people that hoard these discontinued items to make massive profit for themselves. One person alone has 2000 Santas supposedly. I myself try to stay in the rare market with 2 santas, and a blue and red mask just to keep a little rs history in my possession. that person u speak of is chessy018 and yea to keep rs history but later im sure u'll sell em to get that armour u wanted or wutever
  7. i personally play a female char,and i am a male,i go to f2p,and omg let the flaming start,will u be my gf,ur fat,ur prob a dude(ya i am),wanna have bang bang,i unno some times i think guys just drive girls from internet games
  8. try to afk at ivies.Ivies you turn on sound,click a vine,chat,watch yt,do wut ever,o sound stopped ok click again repeat.i get called a botter due to my cb of 47 and having 92 wc,d-axe,and 7m cash.im a botter?i play about 5-6 hours a day depending on my schedule,and soon to be dropped to 1-2 hours due to the birth of my son soon.i hate how people come and go whos actually here,when no1 replies,he goes omfg all botters
  9. That is pretty awesome I'm not gonna lie I totally never noticed the thing with the legendary birds. :-o Same, and I was really into pokemon when that game was out. I feel dumb now. :P i never noticed either,and i watched the show,movies,played the games(o ya pokemon snap was the bomb!)
  10. i listen to my itunes,i set it on shuffle play,and listen to a mix of metal/rock/techno,music doesnt pump me up,just keeps me from going insane from the looping of runescapes version of music,wow on the other hand hand some sweet music for main towns,i even downloaded the soundtrack,the dark/grundgy sounds of orchestral music is beautiful
  11. i was on break from rs when the dupe happened,but i remember the pictures and the crash of prices,and blue took over pinks spot,then a few years back when duke freedom got banned with like 60+ phats and tons of other rares for RWT,the price went crazy.Bans,updates,non-selling players will all affect the price,nothing u can do about it
  12. every player has their method of playing,and yes spots are crowded often,and u may have to result in crashing,wut can u do? i'd personally hate it if u crashed me,but hey,its a game,no need to get all pissy
  13. i personally love the art gallery on rs,so many talented artists,and this month is even better,just concepts people come out with i love the abyssal one,its really dark and creepy
  14. personally i dont care,the only tt rewards i'll ever ever ever buy are god pages,and ranger set,aint much else worth anything,i mean i'll take the cash from clues since others like it,but for low stats and all fashion?no thanks for me
  15. i might start my own flame fest but i agree with this list,gertjaars is an addict,i myself am a 4,i like the bots.Why?they lower prices on things sure,but the amount of raw mats they dump into ge is amazing compared to the average player like you and i.i play for fun and 99s,not for any sort of fame,but i always try to push myself to the limit,always have always will.
  16. new items are like real life stuff.artificial price,when really,the only this is its a named god type of rune armour....big whoop,i myself am not a fan of rares,back in the days of rsc,i was,since i got membs the day santa's dropped,i had 4,sold for 50k each...now being at 80m+ i dont get it,like party hats within the first year of rs2,red phat was 4m,how is it all of a sudden xxxM gp?
  17. bots and macro's will always be a part of runescape,jagex can't stop them,and people bot,get banned *pppfffft* then make another bot,tricks u can do is lock them in rooms if possible(works well with essence miners) and if ur mining,keep a look for them,and steal their rocks,i dont know much else u can do also bots supply a hell of a lot of raw mats for people.Flax,bs,logs,ores,fish,wut ever really,most people dont care anymore,jagex is trying to take control without success,and taking rsbot's domain wasnt a big step,like sum1 on first page wrote its in google code,and jagex aint powerful enuf to take on google
  18. new god books is pretty sweet cant wait to see the stats they give,maybe bando will be like a melee god book and armadyl will be a ranged one hopefully
  19. good luck,this is a very interesting blog,keeping your goals updated per post,really neat
  20. is char is from rsc,the xp for lvl 10 back then was 1000,now its lvl 9,that question gets asked alot
  21. that is sick,thanks so much!
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