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  1. Do you look like your avatar right now?
  2. Dirty_Vo

    cat interface

    Only problem I had with that cat interface was not being able to see it if you haven't done the wolf whistle. If you haven't done that quest you won't have the little summoning controls (There's one that shows hp, then the quick prays, then the sum controls) so it's impossible to tell your kitten/cats growth and hungry.. Unless they fixed it
  3. Because extremes using a dragon long is not better than supers with a whip? And if it's not hard to make $ then why not make it then buy herblore supps? instead of doing an idiotic thing and sell your bank so all you have left is extremes
  4. Good thing I have a huge stock of godsword blades :thumbsup: I could be reading this wrong, BUT I do believe you need the hilt to wield the sword. :thumbup: Don't need to wield it to sell it?
  5. That's because it's a magic attack. My farseer shield drains it by 7%, as magic damage. Bit of a late reply, but Castle Wars armours increase damage for all 3 combat styles, not just melee. Korasi's special doesn't get the 50%-150% special since Cw is multi combat
  6. Welcome to the Forums!(:

  7. ^ Well if they put it in BTS they should atleast be to the end testing of it
  8. I was working on my website, and I found that a few of my tags weren't working, so I dove into the code and found a rogue list tag sitting by itself, screwing up the page and completely breaking the formatting. I removed it and, upon previewing the page again, it was even worse than it was before. The editor wigged out and started duplicating several lines of code every time I would move from code-view to preview. I checked and found that the rogue list tag I deleted earlier was breaking one part of the page, but supporting an entire other section, causing the duplication (the system was trying to close the tag by copying the code, but ultimately ended up copying the same rogue tag causing the problem), because new code somehow managed to wedge itself into the old code, and separate it. And that was working with Wordpress and HTML. When working with any kind of programming language, new code can break existing code. No programmer in his right mind can look at a piece of code and say "I can have this fixed in _ hours," and to think so just goes to remind the rest of us that you really have no idea what you're talking about. The problem with the update rose out of an incompatibility with less-than-current generation systems that popped up at the last second. The problem was likely looked at and the engineers said "we can probably have this done by tomorrow." Tomorrow came around, and no dice. The next day, probably some things fixed, but not to satisfaction. Developing software so it will work on the millions of hardware combinations is hard enough, but suddenly having a major portion of your compatibility go out the window is nothing short of the thing programmers have nightmares about in the dead of night. Talk about leaks in the brick wall, this is more akin to a hoard of Mongolians trying to knock your wall down. Bad updates get people angry, but when the game stops working people stop subscribing, and for the couple hundred whiners who are going to complain about the update being pushed back, it is far worth the money Jagex will spend fixing it, and saving those who would have quit with their game not working at all. Well tell me why they didn't test this stuff weeks before release instead of saying the update will happen later in the week (they said this the night before the week delay) so that to me seems like they waited a couple days to start working whatever it is out?
  9. wdf reply and HATE!!!!
  10. 2ldr - Jagex promises update twice during the week but doesn't follow through. Ok i made a rant about this same thing on the Rsof about a week ago before i read BTS - but they said it posted on tip.it So the Author says "So really, the rage and upset over this is just rather stupid if you ask me." So Jagex brings back the BTS (which i love greatly) because it gives you things to look forward to. First week of the month - Love story comes out. Second week of the month - no update Third week of the month - Dung update comes out Fourth week of the month - Tons of players are anticipating the TT update. If i remember correctly (correct me if i'm wrong) Monday it didn't happen, Mod Emily posts that there is a delay on the update (this is before they announce that there's a week delay so I and i'm sure some others thought no worries it'll come out Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest.) Tuesday comes around and there's no update, a Jagex Moderator (not Mod Emily it was a guy forgot his name) say's don't worry you'll still get your update this week. Wednesday is here, I'm not at my house but i check my phone to see if the game has updated yet and hopefully id get to see some of the rewards! No how strange it hasn't happened yet, check the forums to see if people were mad then i see at the top of the page, "Game Update Delay." Can't say i wasn't expecting this but think it'll be out tomorrow, click the topic and says there's a week delay. Sad and somewhat frustrated i go through the forums looking through the rants and see people sticking up for Jagex, which happens every time there's a delay there's ranters and the people that stand up for Jagex. Every time. So back to the Author who wrote the Jagex times this week, the Author says "So really, the rage and upset over this is just rather stupid if you ask me." So it's stupid that people rage and get upset over something like this. Jagex did not promise the update happening the week not once, but twice, and on top of the one of those promises it was the night before the week delay believe it or not. Sorry for the long kinda off topic rant, even though it disappointed me I've just been dunging. But thought since the author of the tip.it times got to speak his voice to everyone that goes to tip.it and reads that, just thought I'd be the voice for the people who don't want to or are to lazy to speak against that author. EDIT: i'm sure someone is going to say well you know nothing about progamming and how hard it is so you have no input. Well i don't have background with that but Jagex programmers should, and Jagex don't start working on updates the week before they release it, they spend months on updates working on them and then testing them so by them saying an update will come out, then the next day have it delayed shows how organised they are with testing their updates. /rant Hate rate appreciate lol
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