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  1. They didnt need to nuke pking to stop RW trading... Simply by implementing the no notes or coins in wildy would have worked okay. They probably could still trade the money by pking as expensive armour instead, but that would be more hassle. Theres always a chance of getting pked as well.
  2. I dont see why they put the frigin duel arena cap! they could have done a equal stake thing instead like the trade thing. That would still suck really bad but it would be a hell of alot better then 3k cap. It would also stop RWT. They nuked pking the only reason i played... the problems with the replacements are too obvious for me to mention. i litterally find no fun at all in playing them, id rather twiddle my thumbs.
  3. Yup, there is no more fun in playing the game... F2p duel arena was a lame attempt to sidetrack the devestation of the stupid bounty hunter game. Unfortunately we dont want to set options everytime we fight someone and then win 3k yay! Or go into one of those stupid craters and fight people 30 lvls higher then you noticing only a second later you are swarmed by 50 random people kicking, punching, one iteming, wind striking your [wagon]. Kill someone pick up their stuff then you have to start running for dear life in all directions becuase you can't escape? Yes they stopped RWT in its original form but they totally nuked everything else. Including the trade system... and the bloody GE price fixing everything. Some people (like me) don't want to grind my way for the simple satsifaction oif watching a counter next to a picture go up. Pking was the only thing that made runescape stand out - everything else was done better on other games. Hell i got bored of this game years ago, the only thing that wasn't boring was the risk and adrenaline of pking. There was 1v1 which was brilliant. There was the multi where you could have awesome 2v2's or big team fights. Even when you got piled you could get away and if you did they were probably around your level. Not anymore jagex made sure of that.
  4. Plus the level difference in bounty hunter is very annoying as well, how is a lvl 60 going to square up to a lvl 90? how on earth does that ever work out? Not to mention its multi? 1v1 has dissapeared off the face of the earth. the wilderness is an empty husk with wait for it... one revenant every million square miles to annoy you with its stupid ice spells then when u kill it it drops rubbish... No more hills pking?!?!? the single most popular f2p pking activity just destroyed, so many good times hills pking now we have to run around the edge of an overly large multi arena with one item aimlessly, thats becuase it is enormous and no-one feels the need to go into the middle becuase - there is NOTHING. Stupid... worth quitting over this is... some people dont find clicking a rock every few seconds fun at all, thats why some people only play rs to pk. that of course is trashed - at xmas too.
  5. y u post the trainer kills? gah... just ruined ur better kills below it. silly thing to do. nice dharok and whip pk tho.
  6. theres no need to go insulting merchanters, some people play runescape only for the merchanting aspect, and whoever wants to play to play they can do that what are merchants doing to stop them??? and your claim that merchanters are stupid is really stupid... its discrimination.
  7. yeh but runescape being clan supported would really help, ive play guidl wars which is very nicely clan supported. i think jagex should make a seperate chat option which only your clan members can use like clan public chat speaking to all clan members. and all clan memebrs speech should be like green. Also leaders or designated officaers can send invitations to people to join a clan and there should be an option showing the roster of guild members showing whos online and whos not also.
  8. lol r those phat drops staged or faked? anyway nice pics from older runescape. I started only late 2003 so im kinda new to this stuff.
  9. 479.5 kilobits per second Communications 479.5 kilobits per second Storage 58.5 kilobytes per second 1MB file download 17.5 seconds Subjective rating Not bad Im running a English dsl connection only ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã18 a month about $36 dollars a month.
  10. had to take out yellow and blue, got it to 29.8kb :). Thx alot.
  11. there it is how can i lower the file size just a little bit? i have imageready and ps cs.
  12. Well im kinda a photoshop newb, just been practising different styles and learning to make and code web templates. Heres some of my photoshop sigs i'm thinking of having a try at pixel art. These are for like 2 different forums, so that explains the different names.
  13. That can't be your first pixel sig...looks way too good. I love the shading and i think you should just make the text a good solid text. It only took u 3-4hours too?????? R u using a robot? lol. 9/10.
  14. the bg is nice but im not feeling the text at all, it looks ugly with the signature, Change ur text!!!!!
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