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  1. One session? a couple of hours On the whole though, I'm pretty impatient. If there is not update for a long time than I quit until I discover that the game changed in one way or another, just like TF2, which hasn't had an update since december 2012
  2. So I have bee training on hill giants and barbarians and I find that they are not good for training melee. Barbarias don't have any good drops and hill giants should be used for magic training. Should I continue training hill giants or should I train on other beasts (or go dungeoneering). Also, is training ranged on cows good? I'm lvl 25 ranged and I'm training on them to make stew and sell hard leather.
  3. Has anyone else realized that the weapons (at least the lvl 40 and lvl 60 starfury weapons) are inferior to their counterparts? Ivl 60 starfury sword for example has 1296 attack and 1041 accuracy, but the D2H, which has the same attack requirement ans is also a 2h sword, has 1341 attack and 1147 accuracy. Is this just a ploy to make people who don't use places like the wiki spend tons of money? FOr me it just is an excuse to mine for 2 weeks for extra mining and smithing xp
  4. Are there any places which have people powermining coal?
  5. First of all, what is you opinion on people who pick up items from people who are powerskilling? Also (the point of this topic) is where do most powerskillers go to for mining and fishing?
  6. F2P needs at least Fletching skill (we need all the ammo making skill for F2P) A real boss that can be fought many times Squeal of Fortunes having more items for F2P
  7. I'm looking for a clan that is all about skilling and having fun. Here are some facts to help: User: omgeveryone9 Status: F2P (semi regular) Experience: Played from 2007 to 2011, took a break and returned in March 2013 Location: Europe (+1GMT) current skills (as of 23rd of march 2013): attack lvl 34,strength lvl 32,defense 33, ranged lvl 25, prayer and magic lvl 30, mining and runecrafting lvl 42, constitution lvl 37, crafting lvl 44, smithing and fishing lvl 38, dungeoneering lvl 36, woodcutting lvl 47, firemaking lvl 49 Combat level: 69 If you need more info tell me
  8. Since all of the RS avatars are right handed, holding the bow with your left hand IS CORRECT. (scource: http://www.wikihow.com/Shoot-an-Arrow) Anyways, a useless Runescape fact... Unlike most decorations in the game, the sign at the entrance of Draynor Village can not be examined. If you can, tell me what the description is to prove it.
  9. If this ever will happen (and the chances are minimal), then i would quit runescape at once, since is no point in playing the game if all you do is bot at everything. But that does not mean that I hate botters. Making bots help you be a better programmer , which is good, but the bots should not ruin this game.
  10. Hey, btw, how do you add the level up pics on a fourm post. I couldn't find a way to do so.
  11. What smithing needs is a minigame, Otherwise smithing will go like firemaking: nearly no one using the skill.
  12. keep it up! Prayer is super hard to get more levels.
  13. you should buy a PC. most content is available in PC only. And if you want to play PC games, the PC is better, since many games are released for the PC first. A Lenovo or an Acer would do. They usually have fairly decent memory and prossesor speed.
  14. Well for prayer I guess I would just do my best to train as much as I could, which means using all lamps on it and burying all bones I see. Oh and get the most out of prayer experience in dungeoneering as well. I'm gonna do as much as I can to avoid spending much money on it at all. That graveyard, you mean the bone yard yes? It's back with the new wildy update, it's at where clan wars used to be. Maybe I'll go there and bury some big bones if I have the time. Oh and... Keep it up! I got up 21 prayer levels from training combat at the same time. You should also train 2 more Ranging levels and train prayer at the same time (ie. lesser demons or something like that).
  15. I already have 33 cooking but I need some advice on cooking for f2p from level 33 to level 99 (with some profit).
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