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  1. ranqe


    anyone know what the doughy bread you can buy in greece (and probs other countries to) is called i always had that on holiday but i cant remember what its called and i would love to get some
  2. and once you find that 1 guy playing suport he wont throw [bleep]ing ammo i only play support when i use the ump, lets me use sprint as i dont need ammo upgrade on suport
  3. randum question i dont own tf2, but why did they take bunny hopping out?
  4. just found out you can stand on the little flying thing the recon gets, can get to all sorts of fun place with that wonder if there is a height limit on the flying thing/ a roof on the map, might be able to get out map otherwise
  5. Do you do anything besides complain all the [bleep]ing time? nope
  6. so what does this stupid recon thingy that replaced motion balls do (cant remember its stupid name)? it just beeps more when people get near it?
  7. black ops has better hit detection than this [cabbage]
  8. any final fantasy music i like it even more if its played on piano
  9. cancled my mw3 pre order. gonna buy rage on saturday and will pre order bf3 + rimsky when im down there
  10. So refuse the revive...herp derp before i can i get shot and die in my 2nd chance state also. muting people needs to be easyer and faster. going all the way in to their gamer card and hitting mute takes way to long + you cant really see if anyone is coming at you. mic spam is so annoying
  11. another glitch. also a question, how do you hold a grenade without throwing it? or is that pc only?
  12. hnnnnng. using a bolt action sniper, if not getting a 1 hit kill close up to the chest wasnt bad enough when i fire somtimes it dosnt fire, the trigger is all the way down, fire you [bleep]ing piece of [cabbage] also that spot to get underground is so annoying the area you can get under is massive and even if 1 person goes down there the squad norm spawns on him and will never leave. can nades hit people under the ground? also also, [bleep]ing rambo revivers are [bleep]ing annoying, every [bleep]ing time i get rambo rev'd some [bleep] camper kills me
  13. is it wrong that i like using the aks-74u (first engi gun) as it looks like the ak74u from cod 4 <3 its just so hot
  14. not being able to re-map a controllers layout, if i could i would use same layout in all games so that would never happen
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