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  1. When was this and what cc? Mine? Anyways, Suomi's reasons are more of the risk factor. Donations take very little in terms of time and have no risk factor.
  2. Zarfot is undeniably the best player in the RoonEscape. O wait...
  3. Not everyone is perfect all the time, even Suomi makes mistakes. He doesn't waste time like most players though.
  4. As I understand it, people intentionally set up a lot of traps up to abuse the bug to remove the minions in those boss rooms. That is just as much bug abuse as the other two.
  5. Not quite, I don't expect anybody to fully devote their life with 30-40 years of RuneScape.
  6. If I wanted just that, I'd stop at 300m Xp or something, lol. My goal is there because I don't feel that I have to stop at 200m Xp just because everyone else in the game does. Concerning my relationship with Romeo, I'm on his ignore list atm and he asks any mutual friends of ours to delete me. He doesn't really play much anymore though.
  7. The problem with that is you actually have to play atleast 10 hours/day and efficiently if you want it within the next decade. Most of the top players don't even do that much consistently all the time.
  8. On topic then: Most of the people you guys are tracking have no intention on ever doing all 200m's. Suomi will likely be the first to get it, probably in around 6-8 years from now. However, if by some chance he quits his goal or slows down tremendously, then I don't expect anyone to get it until around the time I get 1bil agil Xp, which will likely be in 10 years considering all of my current goals. Furthermore, that individual would likely not be anybody that you are currently tracking. The Overall Xp is very deceptive. People have made very little progress towards all 200m's in general and it can really be anyone who gets it. The closest people there are barely 25% done and aren't even aiming for it. They will slow down on RS in a couple of years and eventually quit.
  9. People stick to a career for 10+ years. I'm not really doing anything different than them besides the fact that I play whenever I want, I don't get paid for it, and I enjoy what I do.
  10. I'm scum then. I most certainly would not want to be a slave to society. My desires/needs > the desires/needs of others.
  11. This just really scares me that you can even think that. 10 years? Do you know what you could do in 10 years? When you start to feel that stress and anxiety building, and start suffering panic attacks out of nowhere in early/mid 20s... it'll because you've played RS for an entire decade and thus have nothing going for you in the real world. And what would make it worse is that you wouldn't have even started on anything... and you'll start to feel like the world just left you behind. These goals that you have are nothing but a delusion, and will absolutely come back and hit you hard in a few years if you don't get something meaningful in real world to start taking up some of that time... Something meaningful? Like flipping burgers? Lol. What is the difference, honestly? People usually don't choose their jobs for something that affects society the most. More than not, you'll become an insignificant worker who will work on selling some product and who can easily be replaced, even with that degree. Anyways, what is your opinion of trading stocks to support yourself? Merching irl could hardly be considered meaningful to society, but it is certainly an easier way to make cash on your own without that job. Or do people like you criticize people who do that, including on RuneScape? Would you go pick flax for 200 hours just to provide something to society instead of merching?
  12. Well that's essentially what people like me, S U O M I, and Drumgun have. I don't see why we need to be criticized for it though.
  13. If you are able to survive without having a job, I don't see what the difference is with nolifing RuneScape for 10+ years and working with school/job for that time in terms of having a life. Atleast the former is on your own schedule and with your own will.
  14. Nice to see you again :)

  15. The people who haven't experienced the community from 2001-2005 probably wouldn't understand it, but it used to be really great. The mental age has gone down alot in the last 5 years. I absolutely agree, trolling is definitely massive these days. Sadly, it is very common among top players as well. :(
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