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  1. Ubi

    Enders Game

    I read Ender's Game and only recently found out about the sequels. I hope to read them within the next few weeks. Ender's Game was an amazing book and very well written.
  2. Ubi

    The Haven

    The site has been re-released with new forum software. :D
  3. Ubi

    The Haven

    Have you wanted to share your artistic pieces, but been too afraid of trolls? I am here to tell you that you can now share your work and improve in peace. Recently, I started a community with a fellow artist dedicated to creating a safe environment for all artists to come and share their work. It is a new community, and we have just been re-released with new forum software. Our goal is to create an environment in which artists can post their work without fear of being insulted. Whether your work is on par with Edgar Allan Poe or that of a beginner, we do not care. All artists are welcome. Artistic Haven is a place where artists can feel safe and post their work without fear of being put down. Our staff is dedicated to providing such an environment. Come and join us at http://ArtisticHaven.net Our official release thread is located at http://artistichaven.net/showthread.php?p=14 Our rules are located at http://artistichaven.net/showthread.php?p=1 Come and join us, The Haven's Staff.
  4. Happy birthday :D

  5. Ubi


    Dark, dark feelings burning like fire, Cruel cold urges filling me with desire, To rip you apart in a moment of bliss, It all began with one simple small kiss, To hear deep pleasure rise from your sternum, To leave you perspired and near numb, Tonight you will visit the safe haven, Flying so high, you'll feel like a raven.
  6. It would only take a handful of trolls if there were a handful of trolls. We don't even have a handful of people. XD
  7. I disagree. That only happens if the staff allows it to happen. But if the staff were to get a firm grip and show that they want to have fun, but also were there to keep everyone friendly I think the forum could succeed and do very well. I've seen alot of lit communitys go that way regardless of staff intervention; because just being scolded by a staff member wont stop a literature snob from being such. I was never much for scolding, it is always better to warn and then ban. I would never allow an elitist group of people to form on my forum. I am trying to provide a safe environment for authors, and I will do anything to keep it safe.
  8. Ubi

    eReaders & eBooks

    If I traveled more on trains, bus or airplane I would agree. But the only time I can read is when I am home or when I am waiting for fifteen minutes to pass. With that being the case I only need to bring one book with me wherever I go. Since it would not make such a huge difference I prefer the physical copy. It may be odd, but turning the page of a book is the greatest feeling in the world. It's just a moment of pure desire to get back into the book, which makes reading so much more pleasurable. At least, for me that is.
  9. Ubi

    eReaders & eBooks

    I personally love the feel of the book in my hands. I would much rather spend a few hundred dollars annually and be able to carry a book over buying a Kindle, Nook or any other such device.
  10. I disagree. That only happens if the staff allows it to happen. But if the staff were to get a firm grip and show that they want to have fun, but also were there to keep everyone friendly I think the forum could succeed and do very well.
  11. Just to satiate my curiosity... ;) Would you? What if it had a monthly literature contest with a $25 - $30 reward for first place?
  12. The Apple Contest (If you made a banner I would be in your debt!) Welcome to the first apple contest! What is the apple contest? The apple contest is a literature based contest where authors can come and compete in a neutral environment. The apple contest will have writers incorporate the five senses into a piece of literature that they themselves wrote. Each month will have a different theme and writing method. In addition to that, there will always be a little twist to make writers work on their skills! Continue reading for the theme, writing method, and twist! How often will the apple contest be held? The apple contest will be a monthly contest. It will (from now on) begin on the first day of the month and end on the first day of the next month. How will the apple contest be judged? I will take the best 5 - 10% (with a minimum of three) submissions and put them up to vote on an independent site to make sure very little multi-IP voting occurs! How can we be sure the contest will be fair? You have to trust me. If I cannot make an unbiased decision I will bring in an outside, and trusted, source to make the decision. I will try my hardest to make this contest as fair and fun as possible! What are the rules of the apple contest? The rules are the following: No plagiarism in any way, shape or form.Pretty simple. What are the guidelines of the apple contest? You will not plagiarize any material.You will try your hardest.You will not release your submission until after voting has completed.Guideline three may be excused if you did not make it to the voting round. [*]You will compete fairly and not take upon yourself any help or critique from any other individual or group. How do I enter the contest? To enter the contest you will have to visit this site and complete the submission form. What is the theme, writing style, and twist? The theme for this month is apples! The writing style is poetry. The twist is that you must have an equal number of lines for every sense! Will the name change next month? No, the name will always be The Apple Contest. What is the reward? It is being finalized, but for this month it will most likely be a RuneScape membership pin for one month.
  13. It is possible, but slow and expensive. It would take several years. I doubt anyone will make it within the next three years.
  14. Ubi


    Think about it like this, I am going to be using America. In America we have a right to be free. We are a Democratic Republic. We have the right to choose what we want to do (to an extent). By taking away that right it is unconstitutional. They would need to add an amendment and not just a law. It would take a very long time and, in reality, be shot down.
  15. Ubi


    Ignore her. Hell is a figment of our imaginations. Everything gets warped, especially an idea as old as 5,000 years. Well, today I joined Tip.It. I will do very little else today as I have no school and cannot get to any of my friends. :(
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