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  1. I blame you for my lousy internet connection.
  2. You have a unique sense of humour. :thumbsup:
  3. I hate you for hating other people and for having more posts the me. Wait, everyone has more posts then me.
  4. highfalutin Yes, it is a real word. Bucket went down by 1gp.
  5. Banned for spending too much time on tip.it forums
  6. Banned for posting too many times on this thread.
  7. That is actually pretty fun, I was thinking of putting that. I'm gonna add that now :shades:
  8. I guess you could just vote for the options "join small clan" "medium clan" "big clan" Specify the size if you just like to war. So far soloing in FFA is most voted for. And someone voted for getting killed by rev.....
  9. I win :thumbsup: for the next 10 minutes or so
  10. Just wondering which of these is your favorite thing to do at clan wars. If I missed a choice tell me. 141 ftw
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