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  1. Cannon balls are kinda expensive and judging by my lack of drops I don't think that I would be able to Cannon for too long. I could be wrong, though, so I may try it out sometime soon. Don't worry, I am not planning on quitting yet. Just getting a little discouraged with the game as of late. Hopefully things turn around for me and I start getting extremely lucky.
  2. Haven't done much playing recently. It seems like I am getting bored with the game again. I have very little money left (about 600K) and I am having no luck with drops. No good slayer drops, 1 Barrows item in like 50-60 trips (Torags Legs :(), Barrows trips seem too slow, no good clue rewards, and all the quests I have left to do seem really long and boring. Training Herblore and Construction is slow and boring. I need some encouragement to keep going. I need to know what I am doing wrong. How can I make money if I keep getting crappy drops? How can I speed up Barrows trips or slayer tasks (I do not have a slayer helmet)?
  3. Got some nice levels today! First, I got this: [spoiler=71 Herblore (10/10/2011)] [spoiler=Alos finished making my 4K Super Attack Potions] Then I went to do some construction and couldn't stop: [spoiler=61 Construction (10/10/2011)] [spoiler=62 Construction (10/10/2011)] [spoiler=63 Construction (10/10/2011)] [spoiler=64 Construction (10/10/2011)] [spoiler=65 Construction (10/10/2011)] Hopefully I can keep this pace up.
  4. Here are the pics from the other day: [spoiler=71 Farming] [spoiler=Spirit of Summer] [spoiler=Summer's End] [spoiler=67 Prayer] And here is what I did today! [spoiler=53 Dungeoneering] [spoiler=70 Herblore] I only have 500 more Super Attack potions to make until I have made all 4K! Then it is on to Super Strength potions. Will try to get the last 500 Super Attack potions done tomorrow as well as some Construction levels.
  5. Thanks! I noticed that this morning...after accounting for the times I've clicked on the thread, that must be more than 250 views from others! Also, thanks very much for the advice on farming; I definitely will follow it. The Herblore Habitat suggestion will have to wait for awhile, however. From a guide: Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that viewing your own post counts towards the view count. So those 1K+ views you have are from other users. Nice work!
  6. Got 71 Farming last night! Also decided to do a couple of quests. Completed Spirit of Summer and Summer's End. Summer's End was a pain in the butt! Died twice. Thankfully I only lost sharks. Also, got 67 Prayer after completing Summer's End! Will upload the pics later tonight. Only 25 more quests to go! I am able to do 10 of them now. Should be able to do all but about 3 of them once all is said and done if I don't gain any levels.
  7. Thanks! No, no throne room yet. I'm not too concerned with building my house up right now. I really wont be concerned with it until I hit 99 Construction. I just want that Guilded alter so I can train Prayer lol.
  8. Here is one of the levels I promised last night: [spoiler=85 Woodcutting] Did a farming run and Tears of Guthix after that. No levels though. [spoiler=139 Tears] Taking a break for now. Should be on later tonight.
  9. Level gains galore tonight! [spoiler=70 Farming] [spoiler=58 Construction] [spoiler=59 Construction] [spoiler=60 Construction] [spoiler=68 Herblore] [spoiler=69 Herblore] Also did some Pest Control. [spoiler=100 Void Knight Commendations] May get a Woodcutting level and Slayer level tomorrow because I am pretty close to a level in both. Will also do more construction and Herblore. May also finally get some Quests done. For now, though, it's off to bed.
  10. Got this a few days ago: [spoiler=67 Herblore] Also finished my Fire Giant task. Got this one: [spoiler=57 Skeletal Wyverns] Got a clue 3 kills in. Here is the reward and steps: [spoiler=Clue reward] Steps: Anagram - Puzzle Emote - Double Agent (Level 108) Coordinate - Saradomin wizard (Level 108) Anagram - Challenge Anagram - Puzzle Coordinate - Saradomin wizard (Level 108) Cancelled the Skeletal Wyvern task as they were a little too hard for me. Got Dust Devils now. Decided to do some skilling and questing for now. Bought 75 Construction, 70 Prayer, and enough herbs and 2nd ingredients to make all of the Super potions. Didn't realize how boring construction was lol. I also bought 10 Palm seeds and 15 Yew Seeds so I will be planting them when I can. Getting on now. Hopefully some levels will come today.
  11. Finished my Nechryaels task. Sadly, no good drops. Got a new task now: [spoiler=160 Fire Giants] Been doing then. just over 70 left to go.
  12. Got another clue from the Nechrtaels! Here is the reward: [spoiler=Clue reward:] Not bad. Here are the steps that I had to do: Riddle Emote - Double Agent (Level 108) Riddle Emote - Double Agent (Level 108) Map Emote - Double Agent (Level 108) Map About 70 Nechrtaels left in my task. Done for tonight. Will finish them hopefully tomorrow.
  13. Started my Nechryael task. Not long into it i got a clue! Wile doing the clue I got this: [spoiler=52 Dungeoneering:] Finished the clue and got this: [spoiler=Clue reward:] Sold everything for just over 400K. Not bad. Back to killing Nechryaels. Hopefully I get some more good drops ;-) Here is the list of steps in the clue: Map Emote - Double Agent (lvl 108) Map Map Riddle Map
  14. Thanks! Yeah, I have never had any good luck with drops. I never get anything good :-( Oh well. At least it is pushing me closer to my un-trimmed HP cape and maxed combat. And I enjoy Slayer so I am having fun with it.
  15. Completed the Gargoyle task last night! Got a new task of 166 Nechreyal! No good loot from the Gargoyles :( Not even a clue scroll :( Hopefully the Nechs will be better. Also, bought 500 Infernal Urns so I don't waste the prayer XP from there ashes. Should be able to get on tonight to start the task. Wish me luck! Alos, gatherd me resources from MTK. Got ~100 each of Irit and Kwuarm herbs and ~30 Cadantine herbs. Made them all into potions. About 30K from 67 Herblore.
  16. Thanks for the reply! What method would you suggest to use at Barrows? Keep in mind that I have not done ROTM so I can not access the new brother. Also, just wanted to say that I have been following your blog for a few weeks now. Great work! I enjoy reading about your adventures and levels. Thanks in advance!
  17. Oops, didn't mean to reply. But, wile you are here take a look at my updated blog! Re-arranged some things, took out a section, and added a section.
  18. No love for me :-( Didn't get to play very much yesterday so no levels or screen shots. Almost finished with my Gargoyle task though. Should be able to get that finished tonight if I can get on. Also, I ran out of Yew seeds and am low on cash so I can't buy anymore right now. Farming is going to slow to a crawl until I can get the cash to buy some seeds. EDIT: Just realized that I forgot to collect my MTK resources. Will do that if I can get on tonight. Hopefully I have some good Herbs/Seeds in there.
  19. I've been doing a mix of things. Mostly jadinkos though. I believe at 65 hunter red salamanders would be good exp for you, if you can find a spot that isn't occupied by a bot lol. Once you get up into the 70s I think jadinkos are better exp/hour than salamanders. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though. Thanks for the quick reply! I thought that Red Salamanders would be best way to go too. I heard Carnivorous Chinchompas were good after 80. I was going to do Red Salamanders until 74, Jadinkos until 80 (to get the ingredients to make Juju Farming potions), then Carnivorous Chins until 99.
  20. Gratz on 99 Thieving!!!!! You are making a good comeback since you got hacked. What are you training hunter on? Any advice on what I should train Hunter on at my level? Thanks in advance!
  21. Got this today: [spoiler=69 Farming] Finished my Mutated Jadinko task. Now I got these: [spoiler=186 Gargoyles] That's all for tonight. Should get some good drops from the Gargoyles tomorrow.
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