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  1. Happy birthday Saml<33

  2. That's a really nice signature, who made it?

  3. Ticks. im not scared of any bug but these... they make me so scared
  4. saml


    lawl, all i got was a pumpkin coffee for blk ops
  5. saml


    blk ops...tbh .
  6. saml


    Today i got a 20 dollar tip from a 50 dollar check :D im a server... it was awesome, good day.
  7. dear john- Sad.. messed up.. my sisters keeper-SUPER SAD. made me cry TBH precious-rly rly messed up, upset me big time, cried a lil i usually dont watch such sissy movies, but i thought id see what all these girls were so crazy abt them for
  8. saml


    that's good,proud of u ^_^ wish i could have done that myself.
  9. saml


    today i cut myself with a plastic broom. awesome,right?
  10. the soothing screams of cave horrors
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