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  1. Well there's your answer! :)
  2. Loads & l0ads of vids about that :P
  3. Was ik close met mn page 40 dus :P
  4. He just sleeps differently and not at set times like Drum?:P
  5. He posted that before; there's a long post around page 40? idk atleast at 27 august 2010.
  6. Drummy whats up with the 75k ranged gain only :(? today
  7. Lol I think max zeal only gives 60m+ slay xp
  8. /discussion hmm where did the 'cuss' in the word come from? :unsure:
  9. Suomi also started Dunging Hardcore again :)
  10. Why lol, then just rollback to the golden age 05-06 and not implement chaotic / gs / [cabbage] into our wild
  11. Finishing my last few goals and then moving on for good. :)
  12. If they do not implement free trade & the wilderness anyways. Also, I'm 16 now, girlfriend for 2 months, busy with school, sports a LOT, so yeah.. Been flipping on/off since July '10 already. We all have to move on some day.. :)
  13. Intresting read, I started in January 2006. Missed those awesome 2005 XMAS scarfs :thumbdown:
  14. Drum I want your threaaaaad :smile:
  15. Well, maybe the more-healing food like shark (u) or whatever will be seperate items of the original ones and be more expensive
  16. It's still there-- look to the right. Ahah, you're right, I totally missed it. Apologies. They did move it right as it hit 1m votes, so we might be able to speculate that this change is a forgone conclusion at this point. Jagex just may have not worked out all of the details yet. On another note I see a lot of people complaining about PKs are going to be able to kill cluers and RCers again. Frankly back in the day I did probably close to 1000 clues and never got killed once. I had been speced/barraged going to mage bank, but that is no worse than any rev has done to me. Also I think they should get rid of pvp god things, this causes unnecessary inflation and give pks even more incentive to kill cluers/RC/people passing through. Also they need to make a new way to get PVP armour so that it isn't randomly dropped from a pk. They also can be gotten from some reward system like get X kills for X points and buy them from mandrith. Maybe if they were rewards for killing your target and you can only get a target if you have been in the wildy for more than 10 consecutive mins. That is enough time for most people to what they need to and leave before they become a target. THIS!
  17. All Pro's are Dutch :) This. Hi everyone ;) Been checking on this thread daily for a while now.. Personally I think suomi would be the first with all skills 200m. However, I don't see this happen anytime soon :P Off topic: Here I am Team&Week. Good job convincing me to register lol Woot woot, another Dutchy entering the scene :D welcomeeeee! Also Pulli, I don't want to answer that since it would be too personal...hope you aren't offended :o but yes, Brabant ftw hehe ^_^ And omg Squish??? Does it have to be my theme song? It's long and nearly raped my earsssss lol *moans* I liked the cheery part but not really my style lol - sorry! XD As for Skiller 703, imo he's a nice guy if you can look past his flaws (which we all have) :o maybe that was just towards me though, so not gonna get too involved on this subject :P DRum just asking you live on your own w/o parents?
  18. I never said something about his spelling, but he is annoying and offending.
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