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  1. I know it's not even close, I'm working on getting the money :) Great methods, but unfortunately I'm a 1 def pure.. I guess I could go green dragons for some cash.
  2. How long would that approximately take and what's the cost? Sounds interesting but if it does take too long I really can't be arsed :D Thanks for the ideas everyone, I'm thinking of the oak doors at the moment but the cost might be a problem (I only have whereabouts 1M cash at the moment and 2-3M as herbs, will accept suggestions on how to efficiently make money, currently my methods are Sorceress' Garden and tablets).
  3. Thieves' Guild all the way when it comes to thieving.. Blackjacking gets you around 150-180k xp/h if you're a quick clicker. No profit or anything though, and it is boring as hell. Doesn't get faster, though!
  4. I have decided to take on one of the rarest skillcapes, Construction. The thing is, I'm not too wealthy (I am willing to spend the money needed though, no problems gathering it). So what would be the most efficient yet not too expensive of a method to get the skill to 99? My level at the moment is 68. Is it oak dungeon doors? Should I use SC hammers and how would I do without them? Any answers and tips are appreciated!
  5. I am currently only 10 construction, and I'd like to train it. A lot. I just have no idea what to train on now and later on. So, do any of you have suggestions what to train on with not much of a money loss? I do have 13M, but I'd rather not spend too much (maybe 2-5M for now, how far would that get me?). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!
  6. I have been working on this one for a while now, mostly trained the combat skills at Soul Wars and Range Guild, therefore my Constitution is rather low. My prayer level was kind of an accident, but at least I get the 10% strength and it's not that big of a deal. I was wondering, should I stay at 40 attack or raise it to 45 and go on using a Gravite 2h as a KO weapon? I am raising my strength and ranged all the time, but as you know it takes time.. I don't quite like P2P pking, I just train P2P and pk F2P. Once I get better at F2P pking, I'll most likely move on to P2P, but for now I'll keep it simple. My combat stats: Attack 40 Strength 63 Defence 1 Constitution 45 Ranged 57 Prayer 14 Magic 47 So any tips for me, and please share your opinions on if I should continue with the rune 2h or change to gravite along with 45 attack.
  7. If it really is that easy, then great :) Thanks a lot for the help, much appreciated.
  8. If it is possible to use a cannon, I could of course do that along with the poisoning method. My stats at the moment (I'm only doing Quiet Before the Swarm now, my stats will raise before doing the quest) are: Attack 38 Strength 62 Defence 1 Constitution 45 Prayer 14 Ranged 51 Magic 47 Thanks for the ideas!
  9. I was wondering if it'd be possible to do the quest A Void Dance on a 1 def pure. I read from the RuneScape Wikia that it is possible somehow to safespot the elite Black Knight, taking advantage of other NPC's, but I have no idea how I would go on with that. I just need some way to mage/range the boss without taking (too much) damage. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  10. I've tried this before, got around 300k out of this in a few days.. got lots of bad clues. Anyways, might just try this again now that I have 94 thieving, therefore just a tiny chance of getting caught. Also, had no idea the HAM robes reduce your chance of getting hit in the face, thanks for the tip! Great guide in my opinion, pretty much sums everything up.
  11. I did it the way simpler way.. pickpocketed men and women all over RuneScape until my thieving level was high enough to steal from the tea stall next to the Varrock East Bank, did that until 45, completed The Feud, got access to coshing in Thieves' Guild and got 45-94 in just 2-3 weeks. Planning on getting 99 within a week or two!
  12. 43 prayer because I do plan on raising my magic and it's mostly to complete DT ;) I might indeed make a main out of it, would be kind of cool
  13. I've been working on my range/gmauler for a long, long time but now I'm kind of getting bored of it. I'd want some advice on what to do with it, which skills to raise and after that which PKing techniques should I use. I have been thinking of raising my attack level to 60, would it be worthwhile and what would I be able to do with the account then? I'd like some reasonable suggestions, nothing that'd take waaay too long or cost billions either.. My combat stats: Attack: 50 Strength: 78 Defence: 1 Constitution: 70 Ranged: 77 Prayer: 43 Magic: 64 All help will be greatly appreciated!
  14. For thieving, I'd suggest what I'm doing, despite the fact that you make zero profit (on the bright side, you don't lose anything either). Blackjacking volunteers at Thieves' Guild has by far got me from around 50 thieving to 91. If you concentrate on it all the time, you easily get a solid 120-150k xp per hour. Extremely quick xp when it comes to thieving. You have to complete Buyers and Cellars and its two capers after the quest and The Feud as well, but they shouldn't be a problem, you get a bit of xp off them as well.
  15. Great guide, will definitely try this out. I do prefer blackjacking the volunteers at Thieves' Guild, gives lots of more XP in my opinion. At Sorceress' Garden I prefer picking the herbs though, within a few weeks I've got 1-46 farming just by that and a couple of million gold, herblore XP as well.
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