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  1. Tell me, do you ever stop being fabulous? The outfits you make are just awesome.
  2. My opinion on the Enhanced fire cape requirement is this: Instead of focusing on the requirement, fix the Fire cape unlock to only showing the 3 Tohkaar to get it. I don't really like the idea of having to sacrifice 2 capes I actually want to use. Alternatively, make enhanced fire cape have all 3 Kiln cape stats, but that might be lolOP.
  3. Nobody. People used to play minigames and stuff because they were fun (and still are). Killing thousands of chompies is not really that fun and never has been. Don't you lie to me. I got my 4,000 kills hat long before Completionist cape was even an idea.
  4. Where I live, when it starts coming to summer, entire house sides are swarmed with a wall of Ladybugs. They are just the most annoying things ever... Only one thing to do... Then call the fire department cuz your house is on fire... That would only make it smell absolutely horrid. Never burn ladybugs, they REEK.
  5. Where I live, when it starts coming to summer, entire house sides are swarmed with a wall of Ladybugs. They are just the most annoying things ever...
  6. Nobody knows. That's the whole theme behind Sliske. Not even his "allies" really know what he's doing :p
  7. That is one nice, flawless picture of the lootage. I approve.
  8. I think it's time to remove the rose tinted glasses, this is getting out of hand!
  9. I've had every single GWD drop from every boss a good 3+ times, and I've only ever had one minion non-shard drop, an Arma chestplate. So yeah, I can attest to the sheer rarity of minion lootage.
  10. But that degree of infinity requires effort, and people seem to pay for that. In equal things that mean nothing. Tl;Dr People are stupid.
  11. Is it bad I will likely only be voting for the Elf city not because I'm hyped for it (I'm not really caring at all for it specifically (Just the quest that follows)), but because I just really don't want another skill? If they actually make it not a nightmare to raise, maybe I'd be fine with it, but their track record isn't too good as of late...
  12. The large, expanded wings are the T3 emote from the Battle of Lumbridge. The purple trimmed wings are from this weeks Solomon's. And the barely noticeable ones underneath all that are the T4 Salvation aura wings.
  13. Because that just makes so much sense. >.< Well; if one sword is good, two swords would be better right?!
  14. Too bad for you if they make it a trim requirement :P I would *love* to see at least second prestige be a Trim requirement. Then at least it would be a cape of true completion, and not just the AFK Castlewars cape.
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