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  1. Allegedly you can get it as a rare drop from killing ghosts and other ghost-type monsters. Allegedly. Haha actually I can confirm that it does drop, I looked into it and killed a bunch of ghosts. 2.5x is crazy, I can afford 99 prayer now o.O
  2. Oh holy crap I missed an event that gives f2p the ability to get 2.5x exp on bones... This makes me a sad panda.
  3. Hey guys, just checking in! Since I've last logged in here it seems that Lord Slayas has stepped down as the maintainer of the list and I just want to thank him (and everyone else who helped!) for all his hard work and effort into keeping the F2P legacy alive! To the new maintainer(s?) of the list, hello! Here is an update with my stats, I haven't been on in a while but I figured I should get myself back on the new list! Thanks again for everything you guys!
  4. Holy crap, I take a few weeks off to study for midterms and I come back to this?? First off, Lord Slayas It can't have been easy to make the "Final Decision" on things like this yourself even if you had help with figuring out what to do. I feel that you made the best choice with the available options we have here so for that I must say thank you! If not for your efforts and the people who maintain this list, I'd bet that many of us would have disappeared, never to be seen again by now. Regarding this pretty massive change to this game we play, I'm putting my money on the fact that most people on this list will not be tempted to bother with the new levels. I seriously doubt more than a few percent of the people who have come this far as a F2P will really care about a few new things to mess around with. People have all sorts of reasons for not even becoming a member, mine pretty much started when dragon weapons first came out and I saw how the exp rates for members training F2P combat skills was basically 50%-100% faster with the new weapons. At the time it just reeked of an obvious hook to gain members, so I just vowed to never give Jagex a dime out of petty spite! It pretty much just stuck as I saw members getting more and more and more exp per hour and here we are. If you are a pure F2P and you want to get the 5's I think you are perfectly justified in doing so (F5P? lol), as the new content is technically F2P now. However, I also think a lot of the older-school kids among us will refrain for a variety of reasons, and as long as there are no crazy advantaged to using the new content I think we can all get along! Just have to see how this plays out I guess.
  5. I have always figured the removal of f2p highscores was just another petty Jagex move to shove another reason to become members down our throats, as usual. Saying it was about bots was just an easy story to tell everyone. I have a pretty cynical view of Jagex on the whole however, so yeah. Gotta say I'm still pretty undecided on the whole EoC thing. F2p doesn't change much, so when we get any update I'm usually pretty grateful, but once again there is a devaluation of the exp we have earned up to this point. Drop all is crazy. That said, change is refreshing, and Dungeoneering just got a whole lot more reasonable (no more level 90+ combat exp nerf!) so that's nice. Also it's fairly easy to continue training combat in the old style with momentum, but regardless this EoC business is here to stay. Just gotta roll with it and adapt I suppose.
  6. Also, I guess Ill throw up my skiller here as well, since he's pure f2p too! Some of you might be interested in his stats, they are pretty cool :D
  7. Hey guys its been a while. Just a small update here, but I just finished 99 fishing to round out 1500 skill total! L0RD Slaya, the last time I posted here we were the same skill total :P You've been busy!
  8. I think the change to the level requirement is fine over all, but it kills like 3 of my side accounts that have funky stats... One has 40 defence, attack, and range with 9hp, its gonna be brutal grinding out the lamps again. :(
  9. Just thought I would post up my stats, I was sad to see the original list go but this is great work! Thanks for all the effort you are putting into this, its something everyone knew had to be done, but no one really wanted to put in the work! I really want to round off my Dungeoneering to 80 to have a beautiful 1500 stats so nice and rounded, but Diablo 3 is still a new thing to I'm busy with that :P
  10. Ahem! I would just like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the world of pure F2P players! Considering that most game content updates do not affect F2P, why not take this time to express your outrage! Your indignation! Disgust! At Jagex and play in a world where (almost) nothing changes! Skills aren't hardcore buyable, and for the most part, it is a level playing field (except for bots, but they aren't people anyways so we don't need to give a crap about them!) Yes, it's boring coming from a members point of view, but that's just the addiction talking! You'll be better in no time! Everything just looks better with time, and you don't have worry about any crazy updates affecting you, you don't exist because you have no money! In the end, F2p and P2P are the same! At the end of the day its just clicking, pixels, and numbers! So yes, come one, come all! Join F2P! It's the Runescape you knew, the one you started with, the one you grew up with! Really guys, come on! We need more F2P! ... Anybody? lol. Well hopefully ONE person makes the switch because of my heartfelt words! As for the SoF, I would echo the general sentiment about it being terrible and greasy and money grabby, but really someone else said it a bit earlier in this thread and it is what prompted me to post; the intelligent ones, the informed consumer, the people who can all see past the ridiculous crap and the horribly, OBVIOUSLY broken logic for explaining things as Jagex does these days, **we are not the target audience anymore**. Jagex needs/wants to bring in new blood, and these stupid juvenile tactics are suited, well, most probably for the kids who I'm guessing they are focusing their efforts at capturing. Wording like that used in the ridiculous feed back letter probably seems perfectly fine and justified and great to kids/people new to the game, and those who are [email protected]!!!!!!! are still here (for the most part), so whatever gets the job done right? Once you are a long time player, they don't really need to do much more to convince you to stay. Getting new players would probably yield much more profitability than doing the things that just keep everyone happy. A lot of the recent events do alienate and enrage many people, but most of those same angry outraged people are still playing. Probably over 99% of them, if i had to guess. I cant say i didn't see it coming, these money grabbing tactics are essentially part of the reason I stayed f2p for 10 years or whatever it has been, because that's how I viewed membership when it came out. Pay money for a unfair advantage, getting MUCH faster exp (omfg can you believe dragon longsword? broken omg), so I stayed out. Anyways this entire SoF process has been TERRIBLE and lame and everything, but at the end of the day, money is number one! Every time I hear about things like this happening to Runescape I am always reminded about how I read somewhere that a venture capital investment group has taken the majority ownership share in rs, and I remember reading on wikipedia that they specialized in essentially running games into the ground, grabbing all the stacks of cash they can on the way down. It might not be true, but it doesn't seem to be too far off the mark. Sorry for the wall of text! One benefit of living in the gutter is that when you get some crap thrown on you, you don't really care, you're already filthy! (Join F2P! :^_^: )
  11. I'm officially back on! Please add "Krazyck" to the list :) 1444 skill total
  12. You still need to switch items like every 6-7 items made, if you really want to maximize exp. I really love this update though, a skill that is a pain to train is now open to anyone basically. I dont really think its worth having to switch items when you gain 103.5 per bar vs 111 (or 113) per bar, since you will get the right command 1/4th of the time if you make any random item. i would prefer to sacrifice the extra 8 exp for the freedom to do other things! though if you wanted to really get the most out of it, you have the option to pay attention too!
  13. Its stupidly good imo, considering the LACK of concentration you need to do it. I was getting around 40-50k/h when i did it, that workshop has made smithing laughable easy now, which *guess* is fine considering how easy it already was in members.
  14. Voted like it but disappointed with some aspects. The blatant members advertising and sloppy exp nerf of high levels offends me, but hey whatcha gonna do. Also, in with the "this is not a skill" crowd.
  15. Man this list.. I've been on and off of it so many times because I stop playing for a few months and POOF gone! Got kicked off again after a few months of activity but I should be back quite soon! I'm about to finish 80-90 crafting which should juuuuuust barely be enough. Thanks for all the great work on this list guys, really glad to see people watching out for those getting exp on members servers, because as we all know here, members is OP.
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