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  1. looks like there was a mass banning, people gaining thousands of ranks without gaining any xp Sikletrynet is still there though
  2. Don't see suckitlosers on the cooking highscores anymore... looks like he got banned guess he's not that relevant to 99 all skills anyway but it seemed like he was gonna get 07scapes first 200m which is neat
  3. Grats foot on 4 99s, even tho it looks like unik beat you to it by a hair
  4. [spoiler=1700] [spoiler=99 construction]
  5. Jebrim is going for 99 all
  6. Dorgeshuun agility course is best, and arent teaks better than willows for woodcutting?
  7. xMorgan was first to 1600 i think but i dont have a pic also crystalmathlabs has a tracker for who has the most 99 skills now http://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/99s.php
  8. Foot is 99 cooking now and he's training hunter at a fast pace. It's hard to say who will be a contender for 99 all skills at this point but it seems like he could, he has almost as much xp as rank 1 and he can nolife pretty well
  9. first to 1500! nice to see that the person at the top in total levels also has the most xp of the front page btw does anyone know if EG Froggen is really him?
  10. Gentle Falls is like 700k from 99 herblore
  11. Should see 99 strength, smithing and herblore within the next day or two
  12. suckitlosers was first to 30m xp
  13. i can play on world 1 on rsc + i have this item http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Note_(%27The_Bridger%27_Burt)
  14. dunno who was first to 20m xp but it was probably boss sensei or red mage9
  15. yeah make a road to completion series on yr main channel and a minecraft/cod side channel it's an infallible formula (dota vids would be fine by me too :P) ps early grats to suomi since i dont post much on these forums, #1 in my heart forever <3 half tempted to buy a month of membership so i can attend the 5b party
  16. yeah it was real, its was bxpw + buyables for a month
  17. i think it was for some dungeoneering bug? iirc a bunch of people got banned for it including phoenix odin
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