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  1. when did that vote counter and vote button show up on the front page? does it coincide with the increased rate in votes?
  2. Still not sure how I feel about because I generally don't do a lot of combat so i don't care all that much ..... buut there is a new mining animation! which is good news because it was just awful and made me want to punch something cute. New one is kind of like the old one .. but more realistic. Except maybe the fact that my pickaxe is both in my hands and on my back but whatever. Last one was excruciating.
  3. I think that may be the reason behind the horrible lag. Though i imagine people will stop skilling because they will either burn out or run out of materials or both. However, I'm experiencing virtually no issues on foreign language worlds. Other than everything is en francais and I only know words like fromage and fenĂȘtre and sortie which aren't particularily useful in runescape, but thats a small price to pay for no lag.
  4. If you see a lot of bots in one area then make sure you report them. Jagex mentioned that they are using a "hot spot" mechanism where they monitor heavily botted areas closer. Did that, but you know, last I checked it's not a secret that blue dragons in tavelry dungeon are heavily botted. So kind of surprised. But it does seem like there is a little bit less of them because I saw people that look like actual players down there. but mostly bots.
  5. Blue dragon bots are still alive though. Though there are 25k+ players online less than usual. Earlier today I saw only 50k players as opposed to 85k now.
  6. ... selling them at 10gp or less? I mean, i'm not complaining here .. but still. it's a little odd.
  7. OK, so I've recently decided to give flipping a try. So, I'm trying new items, and unpowered orbs catch my eye. GE price was (and still) is 156 (annd on the increase. I think +6 at the time). So, i go to buy one. I get it for 100gp. Go to sell it check margins. try somehere in the 70s. Not selling. Go lower. Still no selling. Dump it in for 1gp. It sells for 5gp. Well, naturally i thought that this is great and that I should buy as many as I can, for obvious reasons. I managed to get 4k for 10gp each. over a couple of hours. about 5-7 hours later, the selling/buying price is in the 180s/190s. Now, I did manage to buy this at a not super high peak time. It was around noon-2pm here and I'm -7 GMT. Can anybody explain here? Is this a normal thing for some items? Maybe a really strange bug??
  8. I agree that people are overreacting. Yeah, there are plenty of idiots that will call you a noob no matter what you do. They were here last year and they will still be here. Not all of these idiots are under 13. I've met plenty of under 13s that are very mature, and I could have a decent conversation with them. Also, if somebody bothers you wirh 'noob noob noob LOLOLOL' or the a q p thing or whatever, ignore them. that button is there for a reason.
  9. Yes, they have to honor the quote they gave you i just don't remember for exactly how long (i think it's like 2 weeks or so, but yeah). I have a similar issue since I live in Canada (and therefore pay them in CDN). If the Canadian Dollar rises or falls, I pay the quote they give me.
  10. ok did it. brought spirit wolf, d long, spade, clue and 5 lobs. got there fine, got my casket, way back got attacked by rev, ate all lobs, dropped rest of scrolls. I got to the lever to find I was teleblocked yet again :(. Died of poison. Got 25 sharks, rune helm (h2), 36 nats, mage short and rune dagger. Not really really bad, but wasn't exactly worth it either.
  11. OKies. So I have a clue scroll that requires me to go a-diggin' in lvl 50 some wilderness. It's uh, between the pirates house and agility arena, so it's not right outside the lever. I'd already done 4 steps prior to this so (one of which was a puzzle) I'd rather not drop it. So, I've been there and I managed to get attacked by a good 3 different revs. :( And got teleblocked so I had to sit there for a bit. I don't fare very well against the revs, because I'm only 85CB. I don't know if I was just having bad luck, but how do you reccomend I get there and back without losing my scroll/casket? I'm debating on bringing only spade, d long and scroll, and a full inventory of lobs, so that if I die, i keep my scroll, just as long as i can eat fast enough/all of them. I'm 49 pray, 70 att, 67 str, 63 def, and 69hp, if that helps. I'm open to any suggestions, also.
  12. I'd leave if they removed the censor. But not because i'd get offended because some 12 year old called me a swear word. As it stands, you see people bypassing the censors all the time with slashes and whatnot. And they think its oh so funny to be saying(typing?) a swear word. I just don't think I'd be able to tolerate seeing the f word every 10 seconds no matter where I go. Sooner or later, it'll get on my nerves, and for once, turning public chat to friends won't save me. It's a word. It's no different from any other word. It just has a negative connotation (well, most swear words). But the majority of the RS population is too immature to realize this.
  13. I disagree with this. because first, while most people have a resolution of 1024*768, there are a few with older moniters. not fair to leave them out. Second, if im not mistaken, more data will have to be transfered to your computer. this will result in more lag. this will also result in jagex's bandwidth costs to skyrocket and membership will cost more, for sure. plus, im on a 1280*1024 screen. I have lots of space, and I like it because I can multi-task while im doing things that don't require me to be really attentive (fishing, wc, fletching, wtc)
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