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  1. I am intrigued. Thank you. I'll check it out, thanks.
  2. I was wondering if anyone figured out a way to use mousekeys to drop items in 10.7.x. The normal mousekeys don't move the mouse incrimentally, but smoothly, which means it doesn't work the way windows uses them. Is there a solution yet?
  3. Well to be fair, us laptop users (and to an even lesser extent, us Macbook users), are quite in the minority, so no one cares about us. :P It seems like mousekeys are just programmed into the OS without thought to the technical limitations of working on a laptop. Mousekeys expect you to have a number pad to the right of your keyboard, even if your machine doesn't.
  4. They did for me. I had 80k of it I bought for 20 each in Varrock East. It's why Pure Essence is still f2p, isn't it? Are you positive you had it when you were banned?
  5. Congratulations on AoW. : That looks wonderful, but ack, my Macbook can't do it. I turn mousekeys on, but it's like it expects me to have a number pad. I should be able to use the 789UIOJKL keys, but when I use them the cursor just disappears.
  6. Great guide. Too bad toadflax is now 10x as expensive as it was when this is written. Do you think you could go more in depth into the training methods? Different options and such would be useful with how hard it is to find a speed method that isn't ridiculous One of the problems I've run into with herblore is that since the prices fluctuate so much with the GE, I could buy everything at a price to break even, only to find that the finished potion dropped a hundred GP, causing me to lose a mil on a single level. It's hard to just look at the prices of herbs and seconds on the GE and not go crazy.
  7. Right. I'd be worried about the game thinking I'm freeloading when everything to do is just taken by other people.
  8. Keep in mind you can superheat 5 mithril bars per load (150 xp) and only 3 addy per load (112.5 xp). And since superheat is so fast to cast, most of your time is spent banking. Go for mith. More exp per hour, and slightly cheaper. It's what I used to get 90 magic and 75 smithing.
  9. See, normally, you'd only leave when you had a full load of bones and hides. Train slayer until you have at least all 60s and enough money for full rune.
  10. Since I'm in f2p right now, my options are limited. I've fought the slow monotonous training by jumping between many different things. First, I powermined iron in the Edge Mine and got to 78 mining. Then I superheated mithril bars and got 90 magic and 75 smithing, after which I got 92 firemaking for an adze, then saved up a k of limps killing hobgoblins, getting 90 attack and 110 f2p combat along the way, and now I'm cutting willows. Somehow it's interesting running around doing a bunch of f2p skills via f2p means. Almost like the feeling of being a newb again. I'm almost glad my membership payment is taking forever.
  11. Barbarian Course until 40 (be warned, it's slow going there), at which point do the Agility Arena (never do the dart obstacle). Though I'd suggest getting 52 instead of 50. Then when you need to train again, you can do the Wildy Course and skyrocket up much faster.
  12. Right now I'm 40 levels away from 2,000, and it's painfully slow going Of course, I am in f2p right now.
  13. Well with Iron, it's mined so fast that what matters is who clicks the fraction of a second faster. Mining level barely effects it after a little while.
  14. The foreigner line was one of my lame and sadly frequent attempts at humor. I'm fully aware I'm a single dirty foreigner, my standards are just higher than double dirty. I'll drop billing a line, see if that clears anything up. Thanks. Oho! Saying dirty twice gets censored? It's hard to imagine it being used sincerely in a derogatory manner.
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