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  1. I don't know if it should be added but there was the bug where you clicked on the east ladder on the ground floor of White Knight castle and it took you upstairs but into the "black" that surrounds all of the upper floors. It didn't let you do anything except let you walk around freely up there and travel across RS in a different manner.
  2. Natures, monster drops sold to stores and high alchemy brought in a lot of early GP and it's still bringing in lots of GP. Another great way of making money was mining. It's one of the original skills and coal, at the time, had the same liquidity as GP. The majority of item trades done with smithers, especially with Bluerose, was done for coal in order to keep her smithing. There were also Lobster and swordfish certs, the nature spawn in the wilderness, rune large drops from greaters and meds from lessers. Plus, it didn't take long after Dec. 01 for people to start buying and selling party hats. I think a large chunk, probably a majority percentage, came from steel smithing and above and the use of high alchemy.
  3. Well said sir. Well said. :thumbsup: Agreed.
  4. After almost 8 years I would like to see how much time I've spent. Might be able to finally quit but probably not. :roll:
  5. It's nice to see that Salem still plays. How can she not hate PC? She began playing in a time when there were 2-3 servers and yo had to choose whether to be a PKer or a Nonpker. I mean common, she used to be in DC. The wars between DC and Gladz were amazing and I'm lucky to be able to say that I got to take part in them.
  6. Yeah if I recall correctly the last time we saw you was when we had that p2p miniwar and Devils beat the living **** out of ZF. Also, if you look at list ratings, Devils are almost unanimously ranked in the top 10. Also, you got 70 peopel to your war...that is absolutely pathetic, and you claim to be the 3rd or 4th best clan? I used to like ZF...I thought that the idiots were only a couple and the majority was good, but after this topic it is safe to say that you are almost all jerks. No offense slashir but with a turnout of 70 I don't think it's even safe to say YOUR clan is in the top 10 and yeah you have about 2 years on my clan ty. Harsh, and yea you showing up with 70 people is kinda pathetic. We came home with at least 50+ people still alive. Ok... Now i'm not trying to be rude when i say this. If zf Showing up wth 70-80 of thier 150 members (approximately 55% of their clan) then gladz shows up with 110-120 members (55%-60%) of thier clan, than doesn't it make it pathetic that you could only pull the same percent from your clan as us. ALthough we had less numbers we also have less total members. In all reality each clan had around 55% of thier clan there so I think thats enough for us to both be happy about it. Once again please don't take that as an insult, I am not trying to insult Gladz, or anyone else, although it will probably be considered one. This has been bugging me for like 10 pages lol. To find the exact percentage of people at the war just take the number there and divide by the total number. Then move the decimal point 2 spots to the right. ZF: 70/150=46.666% 80/150=53.333% Conclusion: ZF had between 46%-53% of there clan at the war, an excellent turnout. Gladz: 110/200=55% 120/200=60% Conclusion: Gladz had between 55%-60% of there clan at the war, again an excellent turnout. Overall conclusion: Both clans had excellent turnouts but the numbers indicate that Gladz had a higher percentage turnout. See? That's all these numbers prove. It doesn't prove that Gladz is more active then ZF or ZF is more active then Gladz. All it proves is that Gladz had a higher percentage turnout in members. All those numbers prove is 1 fact, a single war, 1 day among many. ZF fought great and it was an excellent war, one of the best and most fun I've ever fought in. Plus, I'm glad I died in the war, it makes it more exciting. What's fun about standing around in the same spot? :lol: I've always had respect for ZF but I lost a lot of respect towards Tombo, Slash, and Weedsharker(?) only because of the disresepctful, inappropriate comments being said in Lumby. But you can't judge a clan by a couple members, right people? Congratz to everyone in Gladz on our victory and I'm sure we'll see ZF again in the future I hope. :wink:
  7. When Gladz up's it's requirements we don't kick the people out that are under the new requirement. We've never kicked a member out for being under the requirement when we have changed them. I'd appreciate it if ZF members would stop accusing Gladz of mass recruiting like they were in lumby.
  8. Gladz=new #1 clan. Muwahahahahahahahahahaha. 8)
  9. I'm currently working towards 90 fletching, 89 now and only 418k to go for 90. After that I'll be working on a combination of smithing and crafting which I plan to get to 77. :D
  10. For the past couple weeks basically the only band I've listened to has been Dream Theater. They are, without a doubt, the best band ever! Hands down. John Petrucci's guitar work is simply amazing, to say the least. If you've never heard Dream Theater, then go buy either Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence or Live Scenes from New York. If your looking for a song to get off of Kazaa or something, definately get Home, As I Am, and The Glass Prison(one of if not the best song ever)
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