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  1. Trial members already have special GE limits applied to certain items but they aren't done well and end up being a slight annoyance. I think a permanent free trial would be great if they fixed this/came up with a better solution.
  2. Registering and confirming your email takes you to this page instead of the old f2p confirmation page.
  3. Zarfot's Mega Effigy-Collecting Guide 5 [qfc]98-99-600-61329204[/qfc] Kinda old but not much has changed.
  4. You can tell your butler to bank it. The un-noted version will disappear if you try to re-bank it or trade/drop/stake/use it for anything.
  5. Does anyone know if the lite highscores will still work for f2p?
  6. I've read that you might need to be on regular prayers and not have any zammy items with you.
  7. Highest I've hit is 517 but I haven't seen any bold splats. The gloves are still "slightly degraded" after 10 overload doses. Edit: The gloves are "very degraded" 2 doses later.
  8. Did you get single nomad or was it the special fight?
  9. Calculator for profits on each scroll/pouch. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Calculators/Shard_swap GE price isn't always up to date though.
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