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  1. Grand exchange and Skill capes were not out in 04. So i don't know how "old school" you consider this
  2. Currently 87 combat, 99 range. Working on magic/def at the moment. Eastern time zone :thumbup:
  3. We have merged with KORE. Link- http://z15.invisionfree.com/KoreClan/index.php?act=idx ML-http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=kore
  4. Thanks..Got to keep it interesting.. <3:
  5. Thanks guys! and i totally would have named it holocaust but that'd be to offending so i decided to reword it. :ohnoes:
  6. Click my link in the my sig. All p2p pking and warring. Enough said
  7. Your Clan Name : Massive Genocide A link to your clan's banner : A link to your clan's website/forums: massivegenocide.lefora.com A link to your clan's runehead/memberlist: Still waiting on validation -.- Your Clan Leaders: Planb_pill & s0000 baked Your Clan's Main Focus : p2p pking, p2p warring. drop a line on our forums. Thanks :thumbsup:
  8. Was with you guys AWHILE ago when you first started on Evilempire13 ..good to see you guys back :)
  9. Once again, do you really want to read all that stuff there posting? Would you rather start MB pking or warring today? Apply today. Massive Genocide We ARE no Honor.
  10. Not going to make you read abunch of nonsense. If you want to pk with some legit people and make money apply today. Massive Genocide
  11. We are a friend base community, trying to expand and have active pk trips in P2P every night. Come help us conquer runescape! Requirements: FOR MELEE-105 CMB FOR RANGE-80+ RANGE FOR MAGE-82+ MAGE (WITH ANCIENTS) Massive Genocide Memberlist Thank you for checking out our post, hope to see you soon :thumbsup:
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