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  1. :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz: I'm glad you've finally grasped the concept of reading. Made it easier, yeah?
  2. Congratulations on that amazing discovery. Now be sure to let me know when there's a poll for what I've asked, which is not if tradeable rares are coming back.
  3. Grats even though that's totally unrelated to what I asked. Have they said anything about the options to distribute them, and if making them only available for a short time is even an option?
  4. Do we think they would really make the mistake of making items discontinued and tradeable again?
  5. Cod4 competitive scene was great since that point, heh
  6. Personally love the idea of them coming from skilling. Will be so many floating around from bots alone they would never be worth anything.
  7. Are they going to distribute them the way they originally did? If so they will be completely worthless for a long, long time. Either way, voted no multiple times.
  8. Bubs

    Not impressed by PS4

    You can play games on the 360 without having an internet connection.
  9. Bubs

    Not impressed by PS4

    Thoughts on xbox 720 being always online?
  10. The pure novelty wears off quick, they just aren't as effective as they once were in most cases. That being said, "NH" hybridding was extremely fun, and will make a return on these servers I'm sure. You could look forward to that? Speaking of that, one of my all time favorite PK vids is actually a NH pure in pvp worlds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noxLdoxNVK0
  11. Bubs

    Not impressed by PS4

    Even though they've become rare, and I personally don't get many of them together anymore, I loved LAN parties. A bunch of us in the basement, wires and extension cords running everywhere It was splitscreen without the "hey man you're looking at my side of the screen, cheater", I probably enjoyed these the most, but 007 splitscreen on the n64 was extremely fun too.
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