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  1. Hi, from my limited experience at this moment in time most f2p builds probably take either 1 or 40 def then 40 att and any higher str level. Also range 2h pures are popular, using a high range level for the majority of the fight then switching to a rune 2h for the KO. Despite all of this, the combat system rework will likely change all of this, so for now I'd be reluctant to commit to any specific build. :)
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'll just make a load more extremes. Also yes I think I did, I was on 117 for a few floors because I haven't DG'd in absolutely ages :grin:
  3. Hi, basically i'm 87 herblore at the minute with about: 450 ext att, def, str 250 ext magic pots No ext range potions 450 spec restores 380 sup anti fires My immediate goal is to get 91 herblore and have about 400 Overloads ( I will put up with finding a +5 boost) but obviously I need to get 4 more herblore levels. The plan is too make about 200 ext att and 200 ext str potions, 450 ext range potions, 250 extreme magic potions. This will barely get me one level higher. Basically would it be better to make about 10k super restores to sell, which are about 2gp/exp at the moment or make more untradables, even though I probably won't ever use them, making them in theory a waste of money. Also is it worth making any super prayers? Thanks
  4. Sold almost instantly. wish I put it for higher, easiest 5m ever
  5. Not at this current moment anyway :P I think I'll probably give those a try actually, 90 attack would be nice, thanks alot Q
  6. Depiste really wanting to try the QBD or DG I have to revise for my final exam, but wouldn't mind a bit of exp or cash ticking over in the background. So just wondering what are some good AFK activities at the moment for cash or exp. I thought of laval flow mine and ivy but I don't really value their exp at the moment. In terms of goals, looking to get the money for OVL's, then try kiln, bossing and would like to max combat so that is an option. Getting max total isn't really of much interest to me in honesty though. Sorry I don't have a sig but screen name is <<< Any suggestions would be great thankyou :thumbsup:
  7. Before you reach 75 (pretty sure it's 75) make sure you use summer pies so you don't fall, they're pretty cheap and will bring up your exp per hour
  8. Hey, at your level it shouldn't be that difficult at all with all the new gear. Ganodermic is the first thing you should buy, the magic defence makes him hit far less often. To be honest flasks are pretty overkill for the price, especially since you would use rocktail. Ganodermic Top and Legs, neitiznot helm, barrows gloves, drag defender, Whip vine? or best weapon (I think he's weak to stab), drag boots, ardy/fire cape, fury ect.. Invent have an ext set 1 or 2 brews, super restores 3 or 4 pray pots and the rest rocktail with a tortoise/yak full of them. Bandos godsword/claws for special. Since you can't SS the entire fight either just piety or maybe prot mage, not sure how effective it is. When he moves into his last stage prot from melee helps.
  9. Title says it all, first boss i've tried using them on, not sure if they're doing anything but then again I've never used them. Thanks
  10. Dragon darts are a nice alternative to rune knives, they're a fair bit cheaper. Also dont forget the +40 damage boost in kuredals (spelt wrong I know) with rings. Swift gloves might also be a nice if you want to invest the time.
  11. How about selling stuff to the tzhaar shops like shields or runes, would that be an option?
  12. I lost my tzhaar ring the reward from the recent quest, and now i've got it back it has no stats and needs 48k tokkul to charge. What's the cheapest/easiest way to do this? or is there a way to completely avoid it? Thanks
  13. Basically at uni my internet is terrible, not to mention everybodies fps dropping anyway so i'm struggling with bossing/click intensive money makers. I've tried Glacors and TD's but it's just frustrating with so much lag (im getting 2-3fps), frosts were..ok.. I was trying to think of some decent money makers besides dailies and farming that arn't to intense/dangerous as i also dc randomly sometimes. Any suggestions would be great, my stats are all 71+ you might have to look me up, or if anybody wants any specific levels I can provide them :)
  14. Stumbled upon having enough points for either of these, just wondered which is the best. I farm torstol reguarly in case your wondering, also does the aura prevent disease all together? Any advice appreciated :)
  15. Hi, just wanted to know where to get one basically, I read that Varrok square and Burthorpe is where the guy (name escapes me) is, but now that Jagex have destroyed the place I dont know where to look. Any locations or instructions would be great, Cheers
  16. Also can I just ask, as I've built a new alter room by the portal, what burners do I need to build, marble or incense?
  17. Hi, i've just raised enough money to get me from 72-95 pray and brought about 30k dragon bones. I haven't trained prayer in so long that i've forgetten the exact way to use guilded alters. Just basic things like: 1) Do I need to move my house from the desert? 2) What teleports do I use? Finally I think I do have the con level to build an alter (although it's about 2m) but is it easier to use open houses, and if so where do I find them? Sorry for asking pretty basic questions but I just cannot remember!
  18. OK then nothing special, don't worry
  19. Hi, just started doing glacors and got my first pair of boots (ragefire :)) I'm killing the unstable glacyte last, so i'm wondering about how I should finish off the glacor afterwards, because half the time it explodes then heals and I end up using twice as many runes. Is there a way to avoid this such as waiting or am I not killing the glacytes fast enough?
  20. I'm currently training mining, agility and crafting for ROTM, so was wondering what exp boosts/multipliers are worth the time to get? If it comes down to enjoyment of the skill vs the minigames I'd probably prefer minigames, although crafting doesn't bother me that much. Finally which are the best training methods from 72 agility, 72 mining and 74 crafting? THANKS! :D
  21. Hi, this next week after I come home for christmas i'm probably going to start playing again :) It has been a while and I am wondering which monster/bosses are best for me to make money from (effigies + charms are good too), as well as herb runs/MTK My Stats are: 83 att, 96 str, 85 def, 99 range, 70 pray, 96 magic, 82 summon (charms for 88), 85 DG (frosts), 87 herb (all extremes), 78 slayer. I am only a few levels away from being able to complete ROTM so will hopefully have access to Glacors and the new barrows brother, and already have access to TD's as well. Gear wise I have pretty much most basic gear (Void - minus mage, barrows, rapier, ASN, Claws, fury, ahrims and might buy a polpore I hear they're good) Is there any levels I should work towards in short term?
  22. Well I just assumed that as the multiplier starts at 2.7 and goes to 1.1 that it would be an average of around 2, if I train at the beginning of the weekend, before it goes down to below 1.5ish, Also last bxpw I didn't have any problems maintaining a +5 boost. Guessing that's what you meant by x5.. Did so by using the logout trick
  23. Basically just brought some herblore supplies for bxpw and want to check my strategy is near enough right. Currently 84 herb, looking to get access to all the extremes, i'm not sure if Ovl's are a bit ambitious straight away. I have spent 14m on supplies so far, and have 7m left. Also note I've used tipits herblore planner, but assuming something near an average 2x multiplier (so putting in double the quantity of a potion made) Any advice or constructive criticism would be nice, please dont hate me for posting what may seem a slightly repetitive concept :) 250 Ext Att (already have 350 banked) 400 Ext Str (already have 200 banked) , This will take me to 85 Herblore 500 Ext def (none banked) , This will take me to 86 herblore 600 Extreme magic (none banked) This will take me a bit short of 87, so I will top up with super restores to 87 600 Extreme range (none banked) This is sort of where I finish for now
  24. Just so you know I failed, it was the 360's just too many mistakes from inexperience. But now I feel that next time I could probably manage it if Jad goes well. DEFINATELY use melee its so much quicker, and once you get into a rhythm the 360's are alright.
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