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  1. Admittedly I don't monitor the RSOF for Jagex posts. I think I visit RSOF approximately once a month on my own, maybe one or two more times beyond that if linked there by a forum post (like the OP in this thread). Have they admitted to bots being a problem other times? If so, I admit to being completely clueless. I dunno I guess when they removed free trade and around that time there was alot of bot news on front page, also when they were bringing it back they mentioned it. I dunno I've seen qwuite a lot of bot news on RS. Dunno though, doesn't really matter :P
  2. ^^ Really suprised you think it's the first time they've noted bots.. Wish I could post on the topic, wait can you post on F2P nowadays?? Anyways I'd wanna know that if they're so up for banning bots how they can possibly allow suicide bots to go without punishment.,.?
  3. Agreed 100%, when my bro told me they were bringing back free trade I was so excited to start PKing on the worlds. Then I read the would remove them?? Why? I personally think they should have 1 world with perhaps a 1.5exp increase in certain areas, obviously not the really out of way ones. Perhaps 1.1 exp boost?? Would make it hella fun!
  4. Only by accident ... :rolleyes: I actually got in trouble today. Apparently calling someone a "botter" is racist. You not have to call them a "botta." "Racist", Gracie? :unsure: It's a joke innit..
  5. No_M0re


    Ima gunna post my drug experiences now :) Weed - Been smoking since I was 12/13, 18 now. It's fine, made me a bit lazy for revision and stuff. Have a few friends who used to smoke everyday but said they started to get paranoid and not enjoy it. But whatever they're fine now.. Shrooms - Taken about 10/20 times, funny as hell and I've never had a bad trip. They usually only last for 5-6 hours, wouldn't reccomend doing it somewhere you don't feel comfortable. MY recommendation is doing it with good mates early in the morning and taking a nice walk lol! Took some haiwans or something when they were legal but since then have been picking liberty caps. You need 50 to trip, 100 is heavy an 150 is too much. Mud, MDMA - Wicked, but hella expensive. I'd say this is a nice drug for raving but you ent gunna get any gash. Once took it everyday for a week and then kinda ruined me. One of my mates took it every weekend for like a year and he kinda [bleep]ed some stuff up.. It heightens all your senses and makes music sound awesome, but when you start doing high dose it's next shiz.. Have hoffed grams with mates. Max I did was 1g excactly, basically started seeing things that wern't there, eyes rolling into head. Sweating heavilly. Body rushes. Ended up me and 7 mates in someones house wrapped in duvets, gurning and smoking weed, Chatting nothing and getting confused.. Would recommend low doses over high. NEver again. Pills - Usually good, I like the cheap ones at festivals. But sometimes they make you feel terrible, have thrown up a cdouple of times. Probably taken a lot.. hundreds :S. Don't agree with bothering to test to be honest, it's not that dodgy and you look a bit weird if you have a testing kit at a rave/party/festival/club. IF you lick it you can tell what it is. Coke - Dunno, not my thing. It's a laugh if your clubbing and I don't think it's amazingly addictive. I met a group of pilots once and they all took coke 4/5 times a week. Crack - My mate took, ruined him. Would not reccomend and think there should be heavy laws if it was legal. Opium - Chilled, but kind of addictive. Smack - My good mates taken but was horrible to see. Literally watch trainspotting, even if you smoke it it's kinda like that.. Acid - Never taken, never will. One of my friends is mad now, not just from acid but also 2CE, 2CB and shrooms. Basically abused the psychedelics doing them in high doses often. No doubt in my mind that those drugs can [bleep] you up in the head. But at the same time I know shed loads of peeps who've had a wicked time, pretty much shrooms but more visual and twice as long. K/Kettaaammin - I've had some bad times on K. Last time I took I holed and piked while holing. Basically piked for 5 mins without knowing I was piking, I thought I was spinning on a chair in space. lol.. But that's dodgy IMO, it was only about 0.25g line aswell. If I hadn't been with people I could easily have choked on my pike. Also lots of kids use it now and it really [bleep]s them up, it's addictive after a while and screws up your bladder. It's not social IMO. There's a crew of K heads at col and they're just skank, not the same and can't talk proper anymore. Only fools and horses innit lol 2CB/2CI,2CE, all these new medical drugs - I stay away from them because I don't like tripping hard at festivals and that's when I can get hold of them. Personally saw three mates taking 2CE at a festival and spinning the HELL out, like really badly. My mate that I saids gone mental kinda started on this. HE said he saw the fear we all have.. Hmm.. :ph34r: BVut also know loads of people who have taken i and b and have a wicked time. Pretty dodgy because you can't know the strength and sometimes just popping two can actually [bleep] you over hard! Drone, MKat, MEOW - Shrivels up your willy, bad for your heart and really expensive now it's ilegal. Made the young kids in England into mongs and IMO ruined the dubstep scene when it was legal. Took once, was a bit like MDMA but worse comedown. NOS - Whatever it's not really a drug but I love it! You basically starve yourself of oxygen and are high for a minute or so. I usually do it where I do it until I passout. Booze - Come on man, eveyone drinks. It's standard. And IMO it is different from all other drugs (bar weed) in that it's socially accepted and a very social drug. The actual feeling of being really drunk is [cabbage] IMO but it's jokes what you get up to. And the [garden tools] you lay ;). For those dissing it, I really don't know how? I've met one t total that's my age in my whole life. You should go down the club with your mates and get ratted - it's a laugh :thumbup: Speed - My mates love it, I didn't really like it. There's a massive speed culture that's skank IMO. HAve seen 20 somethings with kids sped off their [bleep] cleaning and spazzing while their babies are wondering around. IMO that's what happens if you're a regular speed user.. Various legal stuff - I took woodrose seeds, those were a laugh! Trippy as hell but not too intense. Gave me stomach cramp though.. But basically I been taking drugs since I was 12/13. Took shrooms when I was 13, hang around with people who did the same. From what I've seen I'd say that they're absolutely fine in moderation, possibly good for you. But a lot of people also take it as an identity and end up in this drug/freeparty/squatting/dealing culture which is really rough and leads nowhere. When I started smoking weed I said never to chemis, same as everyone else. But now a lot of people ended up doing them enough to be called like K andy and stuff liek that.. Their used to be around 40 of us who smoked and chilled in parks and fields etc.. I'd say 50% are no nowhere and possibly screwed in the head. Other 50% is doing really well, at uni or got a good job. But like I already said I reckon the reason that there ends up people being stuck in a druggy culture is because of the stigma with soft drugs leading people into a life of crime/drug abuse. The criminalize makes people act like criminals and eventually there's no turning back for them. Even as young as 20. Tl;DR - Drugs are fine in moderation.
  6. No_M0re


    I had a friend that took 2ce and he's gone weird now :ph34r:
  7. No_M0re


    I'd been around people who had got drunk throughout my whole childhood, mostly close relatives at Christmas or New Year's time, so I had some fair idea of what 'the limit' was even if I hadn't experienced it personally myself, and I knew in general what adults did when they arrived at that point. By comparison, one of my few experiences with people who've taken cannabis is being called out by one of my friends to the park because one of her friends during a session had smashed his head on a rock after losing balance, and was so off on drugs he couldn't actually feel the pain from a pretty wide gash on his skull that was literally pouring blood. Oh, by the way... did they know their limits? Nope, because when I tried persuading them to take him to hospital since I had no first aid equipment on me and there wasn't much I could do anyway, they told me they shouldn't because the police would be on to him. Is this safe use of cannabis? My other experience with a cannabis user was my housemate and his two friends starting a racist assault on two of my other housemates whilst under influence (admittedly with copious amounts of alcohol also), in which they smashed the door of one housemate through and ripped up several religious texts, including one of their Korans, then turned to the other housemate's room and threatened to knock the door through and--I exaggerate not--kill him. He ended up being charged for racist assault, fined the bill by our landlord, and thrown out of university. And no, strangely enough, my parents didn't smoke ganja round the Christmas tree. I'm not suggesting all cannabis users are like that, but when that's my experience of cannabis users, is it really any surprise I've taken the option not to go anywhere near the stuff? See, those are the kind of things that one frequently misinterpreted study in The Lancet doesn't account for. Harsh on your experiences man but.. Well the first one is just another reason weed should be legal, people wouldn't be scared to go to the police when something bad happens. I was in a crash recently and actually didn't want to speak to the police when they came cos I was stoned with a bit of weed. Driver wasn't stoned so no harm was being caused, but its something I have to hide. Second experience is 100% because of alcohol, truust me. I've been stoned with a lot of people, even like proper chavs. Noone gets agro from just weed. Fair if you don't wanna smoke, but don't think that those are the effects of cannabis. And wait what's the lancet?,, That's funny though when you're with mates. No offense but you should chill out on hating drinking. I guess you don't enjoy the things people do when drinking, like getting a gal? Trust man go on a night out, you'll have a good time and maybe not be so judgmental about people who drink :smile:
  8. No_M0re


    A slightly increased ammount of schizofrenics possibly, but it's generally agiven that those who have schizophrenia are A, more like to end up doing drugs because of how they are and then going mad, or B going to get it from somethign else anyway, weed just speeds it up loads. Cannabis does not cause schizophrenia. It does, however, aggravate the symptoms if someone does have it.I would recommend people who do have it, and other similar mental conditions, to not take it. I'd say schizophrenics being more likely to do drugs is a by-product of them being used to cope with things. Lol this is the second time someone thought I didn't know that, I'm bad at wording.,. Like I said I think most people would get it anyway. But I reckons theres a few borderline people. Either way that's the only possible con I can think of.. Oh and to the bit about the coke, it's cause it sounds like a joke about staying at a squatparty all night and sniffinf nasal fuel ha.. Think that's just me that finds that funny :ph34r:
  9. Just rethought my vote. Yes to shattered hearts and no to champion scrolls. I didn't know the drop rates were that insane!! I think they should add more requirements that don't take up too many hours, don't know what because I don't play most parts of RS anymore. (Had to wiki shattered hearts!)
  10. I hate dirty skets. Most london girls turn me off cos of how loud they are.
  11. No_M0re


    You're not telling me drug users constitute a modern day 'minority group' are you? I hate know it alls. Just cos I don't know the exact meaning of a word?? The way I've heard segregation being used is to imply a separation of society. That's what I mean.. :roll:
  12. No_M0re


    Well what if I see no problem with doing drugs? It has nothing to do with other people, it's 100% my choice and effects noone else. Unless of course you count the many people killed over drug wars to supply drugs, which is caused by it being illegal. It's almost the same as saying there's nothing wrong with judging people by religion, it's a choice aswell and it also effects noone but the person who chooses to believe (unless they force their opinion on others)/.
  13. No_M0re


    What are the costs of it being legal?? A slightly increased ammount of schizofrenics possibly, but it's generally agiven that those who have schizophrenia are A, more like to end up doing drugs because of how they are and then going mad, or B going to get it from somethign else anyway, weed just speeds it up loads. Anyaways that's all I can see as costs when legal.. The costs right now? Gangs, does anyone know how easy it is to sell weed? I have mates making 1k a week just sitting at home and answering the door. It makes a load of lazy workers basically. Also in places that arn'#t ass timid as my town it leads to violence. Encourages people to stay on the wrong side of the law, basically because people try weed, realise they've been lied to and can't look at the laws the same again. Encourages hatred towards police. I as a smoker hate seeing police because I almost always have weed with me. That's [cabbage], that should not happen.. Is easier to get than alcohol when under 18. It's a bad habit to get into under 18 (16 maybe), from experience. It's created a huge subculture of people who hate the law/police, the mainstream, whatever. Hard to use a medicine. I used to pick up off of a guy who had MS, he had to grow because it was difficult for him to go out and get it. All he did was chill and smoke, no harm, no worries. But he's a criminal apparently. Money costs.. Untaxed etc. All I can think of right now but there's definately more.. EDIT: Already has. Have you ever seen the druggy scene? There's a lot of them (us??) and I feel like it's me against people who criminalize me. Example, used to work in pub. Local finds out I smoke weed, has a massive go says it's not moral. That's me being segregated because of a law that makes people think drugs are immoral. And there's tons of people out ther. For me there's two people in the world, those I can be honest and chat to about anything and those who I know I have to hold back certain things from. I call that segregation..
  14. No_M0re


    I love most drugs. They should all be legal, right now they're just making all the problems worse. The fact weed is ilegal is an absolute sham and the absence of attempts to address it make me think there's something evil happening. Only drugs I don't like seeing people do is K, because it's made a generation of mongs. And smack, because it's a horrible thing to do. Oh and obviously crack/meth. But I still think they should all be legal unless we want to segregate society forever. To the above psot ^^^ That is excactly why they should be legal :unsure: Yeah. . . The last part isn't really something i can agree on. Makes it seem like people ONLY drink to "have a good time" or to "alter they mental state". This, i can assure you, is not the fact. Why do i drink alcohol and not just Soda/Fruit Juice/Etc.? Have you ever tried going out, partying it up for 10 hours on JUST coke? That is insane! I've done it moe than once and the sugar rush it gives you is enough to kill you. I would take the worse hang over in the world rather than that. Same happens wheny you drink Frui Juice. The sugar is enough to keep you up for days. Why not just water? It gets a bit dull, after a while. I've also tried that a few times and to be honest i couldnt make it through the night most of the times. Why not drink non alcoholic beer? To put it straight: It tastes like [cabbage]. So what am i really saying? Many people, like myself, choose to drink not for the affect but as i've said for the taste. I'm not a person who enjoys sweet tastes all the time. 1 Coke and i've had enough for a few hours. Beer has a nice taste to it. Its not sweet, but its not bitter. Its also not bland. Its awesome :D Lol!! Obviously it wasn't 100% pure, but yeah I've been raving for 10hours straihgt on just coke lol ;!! LOL!
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