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  1. I don't shave either at the moment, but my mother keeps complaining L0o0ol. I guess I'll have to shave once school starts otherwise people will mistake me for a professor np. Professor SUOMI; teaching the efficiency classes.
  2. Umm if you don't care at all about 200M all skills why did you get 10 200M skills and planning to get even more? That's pretty big goal too imo and you could have reached 200M all skills if you would have used your time differently but of course you can play how you want, it's your decision. I know 12 or even more 200M skills isn't same as 200M all skills but still pretty close. I am not saying that you should care about 200M all skills but I have seen many a bit negative posts towards me, earlier you said nobody has ever helped you which wasn't true at all. Wasn't exactly those words but the idea was the same. Not trying to argue with you or anything but sometimes I don't understand why you post these negative posts :/ I know your post wasn't just about me. Anyways I am not getting 200M all skills so people would care... it's just my personal goal and trying to "complete" the game in a way. I got nothing against you or anything but was a bit surprised that this was coming from a player with most 200M skills. Maybe I should say that my goal is to get 20 200M skills and then keep raising it so I wouldn't get this "hate" or negativity which some people have towards 200M all skills. Just go for 200m all. The people that have knowledge of the game know that you are time-wise the closest. If you let the negative responses to you, you'll less likely succeed. Personally I wouldn't even care if you would say you were going for 200m in all skills on 5 different accounts (Suomi I, Suomi II, Suomi III), but I would think it's a bit excessive. (2 cannon slaying?) Anyway, just play for yourself. It's a shame you have to rely on other people, but that's really all that's to it. I don't think anyone in this thread would genuinely hate you for saying you're going for 200m in all skills. We would rather elaborate the goal to the unknowing people that complain about it. :P
  3. Yeah I just thought about this tbh.
  4. Does anyone still have Xensure's Task list? Or is it outdated?
  5. I agree, I only bother to read Langer's updates nowadays.
  6. Dragonseance doesn't even train Slayer, he told me he's focussing on 200m Dungeoneering now. And I've (finally :P) updated the thread on the RSOF.
  7. I hope you are aware that CrystalFarm and me still have an expedition planned to find Sander's cave. OT: I personally think it's still awesome that an underdog that no one really cared about got this high in such a short amount of time.
  8. I think anyone could do it if they set their mind to it to be honest. I'll try vidding 1 hour doing this method sometime for the xp rates at 99, with an artic bear (I think he used Larupia's in the video).
  9. Sorry I wasn't aware of the fact members had 438+78 bankspaces *faceslap*. Also, I would like the option "Play-x Castle Wars games". That would be cool. Also random note to Water. Sara is een stoere bink, en jij bent een lief meisje. :ohnoes:
  10. He is also planning on getting 500 before using them i'm pretty sure. How can you get 500 effigies? 438 Bankspace + 28 inventory spaces?
  11. Toony is only 500 hours ahead of some noob that is rank 1,999,999 Cooking? Also, how did Skiller 703 get this high on the list, when his Runecrafting/Agility xp is relatively low. (Fishing too).
  12. 300k Mining xp; not even 1 armour piece. And I didn't miss any. :mellow:
  13. Saraphim1966 iHunt4Dora Fredrik Haven't seen them in 3 years. :(
  14. Thanks Langer, and awesome signature, really helpful! :thumbsup:
  15. Are you up for some DG's? Jk<3 I'm glad you're back.
  16. Why do you recommend superheating iron over gold? Gold gives more smithing xp per superheat. Because Mining the gold rocks in f2p would be slower than Iron. And they don't have goldsmith gauntlets.
  17. Could you add me? My RSN is Tedylra on my staker. I would like to stake like you do, it's very impressive. :thumbsup: Also, what world do you use?
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