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  1. The building is used in ROTM and has nothing in it. It is? I did that quest and don't remember going in it :blink: OOhhh but it is all burned now
  2. Has anything been put in the new Edgeville building yet? Cause I bet that's where it is.
  3. Ditto, plus you get rune and dragon scimitars. It's pretty click intensive though.
  4. [hide]Well the preview showed Walt making a PIPE BOMB! And the episode is called End Times, so it has to be biblical. [cabbage] is really going to hit the fan these last two episodes and a lot of people are going to die. My guess: Jesse's gf/her kid smokes the poison cigarette, Jesse goes self-destructive again and helps Walt. I'd LOVE to see Hank and Walt team up and go around committing wacky chemistry murders though.[/hide]
  5. The conservatives are the worst party.
  6. Thank goodness. I don't see a mention of Storm of Armadyl....
  7. Now we just need to tap into the ingenuity of drug smugglers.
  8. So hey, the US government owns 250,000 houses right now that they don't know what to do with because of people defaulting on mortgages.
  9. You got it wrong. He was never CONVICTED of attempting to groom a child, he was CHARGED with that but it got dropped. MASSIVE difference between being charged and being convicted.
  10. This is just completely incorrect and uninformed.
  11. Here's some of the stuff Walt has done (spoilered in case someone hasn't watched everything up to now) [hide]- blackmails Jesse into become his cooking partner - cooks Meth - gasses Krazy 8 and the other guy (in self defence) - locks Krazy 8 in a basement for several days - instructs Jesse to dissolve a body in acid - strangles Krazy 8 with a bike lock (one could argue it was to protect his family, but...) - sells Meth - threatens Tuco with fulminated mercury; begins a business relationship with Tuco - attempts to posion Tuco with resin (one could argue it was self defense) - forces Jesse to threaten two junkies who stole some product - makes Walt Jr. drink scotch (or was it whisky?) - chooses to re-enter the drug manufacturing business, despite being given a second chance and the danger it would pose to his family - misses his daughter's birth so that he can deliver the product to Gus - knocks Jane onto her back, doesn't intervene when she begins choking and allows her to die Pressured Jesse to push into claimed territory, getting Combo killed With Jesse, kidnapped Saul Goodman and possibly came close to killing him Got a high school janitor fired for the stolen equipment - kills two drug dealers by running down one and then executing the other (could argue it was to protect Jesse, or that they murdered a kid or whatever) - orders Jesse to kill Gale (could argue self defense) - buys a gun for the express purpose of killing Gus - got three immigrant workers "deported" [/hide]
  12. The creators said by the end of the season you will really hate Walt. Walt has never been a likable guy though, Jesse is the best he's ever been this season. Aaron Paul damn well better get an emmy, cause his character this season is incredible. Also, here's some awesome t-shirts http://www.redbubble.com/explore/breaking+bad
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGu682FUDsQ&feature=share
  14. Toronto Star Nathan Phillips Square
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