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  1. Whenever that tip.it server comes back online I would be very interested in joining.
  2. So ready for this update to come out, makes the game seem so much closer to being completed. Also just got SPC after beginning a semester-long RS hiatus, so I've been playing a lot of MineCraft lately. When the update drops I'll be making a bunch of new worlds for sure.
  3. No. At the current state of the game it would not be fair to bring a new player into it. The game environment of RuneScape right now is in the toilet and I doubt a new player would be able to have much fun or find much of what has kept me playing RuneScape so long.
  4. It's the name of the demon from The Exorcist A lot of people also know it as the gargoyle in a Futurama episode.
  5. Someone should make one of those anti-botting vids with a parody of LMFAO's song Shots. Bots, bots, bots, bots, bots, everybody!
  6. I fear that this game is in serious danger if the current botting situation continues on the path it is currently headed down.
  7. I just noticed at the top is says "Walk here Meredith (level 128)/ 4 more options"; how are you able to have the options to yourself? O_o It's obviously someone else because in their combat style tab it says they are lvl 138. Probably an NPC named Meredith involved in the quest.
  8. I'm glad they got the spell/prayer thing fixed in a timely manner instead of waiting for the next content update to do so as is their habit with these sorts of things.
  9. It looks like it will still cause lag when running to the middle.
  10. Just 3 more craft levels and I'm ready. Can't wait, I love this questline. I am ever hopeful that Jagex won't [bleep] this one up.
  11. I saw him at the GE in a random F2P world firemaking. He was pretty friendly, and even lent a partyhat to some stranger that walked up and asked. I met him a couple of years ago in the fishing guild and he is indeed very nice. One of the coolest RS players I've met.
  12. I like what I see in those pictures. A new Myreque quest isn't out of the question as I recall not too long ago a Mod confirmed that Vyrewatch would be a slayer task after an upcoming quest.
  13. I didn't expect much, so I wasn't let down. Cynicism is a necessary evil when dealing with Jagex. Pessimism serves me well when it comes to Jagex. Yeah I let my optimism get the better of me this month when I read the BTS. Was looking forward to every update and so far two of three have been [cabbage]ty. Looking back I can't remember a seriously solid update since before February. I also believe there is a possibility that Jagex will come back next week and buff the vine whip up. As it is currently, me being without 80+ dg, I still don't want to add the vine onto my whip no matter how far it drops due to it being a constant reminder that Jagex just [bleep]ed it up.
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