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  1. That's from a purely defensive stand point. For an offensive, fairly balanced build: Neitiznot Helm Warrior Torso Verac's Skirt Rune Defender or Dragonfire Shield Rune Boots Fury Amulet Fire Cape Berzerker Ring is preferred by me, Warrior Ring works too Abyssal Whip or Dragon Scimmy
  2. The granite plate only grants an additional rage bonus over rune. That's all granite is, rune with some extra range. I've never owned a piece of granite armor, it's hardly worth it unless you train at something like dagannoth that use range attacks but you cannot afford dragon or barrows.
  3. Knight's sword quest can get you really high smithing, from level 1 you gain like 30 levels or something. I really have no idea, did in classic but my bro did about a year back and it was a freakin' lot. Assuming you haven't done it, consider that before smithing. Fish and cook obv, you already said that. Mine, woodcut, or fish some money to craft some hides or something. Unless you're P2P, which would make me suggest a lot more, but P2P low level crafting glass on Entrana is fine exp, doesn't feel too slow at first. And flax is profit and exp. And I'm not gonna start on more P2P because you're probably F2P for now, at least.
  4. Find something you're comfortable with the price on. It can be buying rune boots and selling for 10k more, or buying tons of a raw material and getting 10 or 20ea more. Just find something, anything, it really doesn't matter. Or you can always skill, that's what I do. Nat crafting is nice cash (too boring for me to ever attempt, however) and simple things like fishing can profit a few 100k a day as well.
  5. The site is fast to use, and it doesn't have enough links on it that we need to cut down the space they use. At worst you scroll down once right now. Maybe in the future when the main page has a lot more clutter in that left column, but as of right now it's perfect as is. Maybe snazz up the colors? I'm not complaining, I like it as is, but that would be fun.
  6. I've picked up maybe 5 crackers, 10 masks of different colors, and about 4 or 5 santas. I have a scythe, wasn't on for ears. Have the yoyo and chicken, though. Scythe- 1 Bunny Ears- 0 Rubber Chicken- 1 Yo-yo- 1
  7. 1. The increased experience on holidays would cause the entire market of raw materials including runes, ess, bones, logs, fish, everything, the increase in price with the expectation of players using their holidays strictly for RS. Sorry, on Halloween I'm goin' to a party. Xmas I'm with the family. I don't have 20 free hours that day to get 504 exp per d bone that cost me 2.5k ea because merchants knew I'd play all day. That was a no. 2. The left piece of the shield is obsolete, and even less valuable than the right half now. While this is upsetting to a RS classic player, I feel that it's a new age and if our gloves can give us 12 strength, it's time to upgrade the rest of the game right by their side. One step at a time. It's still a pretty good lookin' shield, at least.
  8. For mage, just curse or fire strike something in a cage until 55. Then you know what to do. Ranged, both those suggestions look nice. White knights are ok too, second floor one room has some cage-like walls to shoot through.
  9. bb_bart

    94 Mage?

    Mage longs, too. And for a price check, just search it on RSOF and that should give you a good idea.
  10. I was JUST gonna reply, but then I saw raped in here and read it. Well done, friend. Well done. I really blame whoever falls for it, now, at least. There's SO MUCH anti scamming measures now. Long ago, it was less the scammed guy's fault, but you're always to blame for your errors.
  11. King of Thee, known him since first few weeks of RS2. Good friend, he quit a few months ago but I talk to him a few times a week on MSN.
  12. After reading this I went and played 2 games today. 3rd place first game because I messed up early by forgetting bats drain pray (heh) as well as not thinking I would need antipoison which wasted about 2 or 3 monks. 5th place next game, did very well until me and my lvl 100 friend met "Mr. Team of 120+" I actually took one down then fell to the others.' Pretty good with monks and full guth, I think, though. Should have won first if I had known what was gonna go down.
  13. A side to side experience analysis would be great, if the Glory strategy isn't too slow compared to larders and costs less (although, it uses teak) that would be good news.
  14. I take a lot of breaks because I lose interest or want to stand up a lot. I quit 9 months after I lost all my 'pretty hats' too. You know, the kind people buy on eBay.
  15. level 3 clue - at least 93 since that's when i went members, probably 98 dragon drop - 108 million gp - like 14? something like that d left half - none
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