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  1. One week down! Big achievements this week were 900 total level, and getting 16 farming levels in one shot. I've gained 146 levels this week. My stats this morning: Sad as it is, my QP are still very low despite good efforts this week: And my bank is still... :sad: This week, the major goals are to Make some cash - I think I've got one mil altogether now, but a lot of that is in use flipping. I'd like a mil banked. Milestone 30 cape And switch my Varrock teleport location via this list of to-do's (I have a spreadsheet): 3652x superheat item 40 crafting 59 magic q: family crest goldsmith gauntlets 45 smithing 66 magic 40 crafting q: swan song fish monks full grown cat easy ardougne tasks ardougne cloak 25 thieving q: digsite 50 kudos easy varrock tasks varrock ge tele While I've been typing this, I've gotten a firemaking level - multitasking :wink:
  2. My starting stats as of August 22nd Unfortunately I forgot to record quest points etc at the beginning.
  3. Goal. My goal is the Veteran Cape - Ten Year. I've played Runescape for many, many years, though I have a bad habit of re-creating an account every time I come back from a break. Fluffi_chan is the oldest account I can still log in to. The Veteran Cape will be achieved regardless of what I do, of course - I just have to log in after ten years and it's mine. But I want it on a worthy account. To that end, I'll be posting updates as I count down to my cape and upgrade my ancient, nooby account.
  4. Title says it all really... these are my stats: No 99s yet, I'm going for all of the Milestone capes first then I'll start getting them to 99s. I'm not very chatty in game unless I have something useful to say, but I am online pretty regularly.
  5. This happened to me to actually... didn't really think much of it, but I won a small mining lamp and received a small defence lamp.
  6. Just felt the need to post this: :ohnoes:
  7. Me too... and it's down to a few thousand people online. I'd just sat down to play after work! <_<
  8. Today was the first time this week I've had the evening free to actually play Runescape properly, and it shows... Twenty-five levels! That's right, I managed: 1 Strength level 2 Runecrafting levels 8 Ranged levels 14 Summoning levels As well as two Combat levels in the bargain. Here's hoping the rest of the weekend is as productive!
  9. Good luck! I second Kaida - Firefly is awesome, although it ends too soon.
  10. Six levels today! (Not including another combat). I got an Attack level, two Strength levels, a Constitution level, and two Slayer levels: Which also means I hit the 1100 total level mark, and can now wield my Dragon Battleaxe! (Which has been languishing in my bank since about, oh, last June). Since tomorrow's a Friday I hope to be able to cross another few levels off the list... perhaps hit 60 Strength and and 80 Fishing? Hm!
  11. Wow, you're going so quickly! Congrats on the Woodcutting and Hunter levels :thumbsup:
  12. Couple more hours of playing today than yesterday, but not much of an improvement - I got terrible Slayer tasks (Banshees, ghouls and crocodiles - oh my!) But still, two Attack levels, a Defense level, a Constitution level, a Slayer level and a Combat level to boot: not a bad afternoon.
  13. Thanks =) Not much playing time this evening, just about two hours, but I managed two Attack levels and a Slayer level: Now I'm off to see a movie.
  14. Probably kind of late but congratulations on 99 smithing! That's really something for F2P :blink: Must have taken some crazy work.
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