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  1. Wow I hope you solve the problem. People should really stop stealing from other players accounts and work to earn their money and items.
  2. Congradulations! The mining cape is such an awesome cape. Way to go! :thumbup:
  3. Currently not a high enough level to kill any bosses. (Level 108) Also I do not have the appropiate gear yet. :unsure:
  4. New to the Forums and loving it <3

  5. Wowzers! I would have reported the AD right away to Jagex.
  6. I totally agree with changing the amount of words a person can say in a certain amount of time. On the other hand people would probably abuse the report system more often and take the powers to advantage.
  7. Julezss


    The movie was alright but the books were amazing.
  8. Questing on Runescape later on after the movies

  9. Well personally I wouldn't quit because I love Runescape. The Grand Exchange items would sure drop really low because everyone would own for instance Dragon Claws because if someone is botting everyday they would get Claws a lot.
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