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  1. im no axe man jack but these are the ones id skip if i were you: .Infernal mages .Dustdevils(unless you got bones to peaches) .dragons these are just from the top of my head If you have enough to spare to buy maybe 20 bones to peaches I'd suggest doing infernal mages. The amount of runes (deaths, bloods, elementals) will pay for twice, if not more, then you spent on bones to peaches. Then again, if you don't have bones to peaches forget what I said :)
  2. Welcome to runescape! Lovely Money! (Coins - Some may not understand, but 99% of updates are to get new members, aka, more money) Welcome to runescape! Wonder what happens if I rub it... (Genie Lamp) Welcome to runescape! I wonder what this tastes like? (Strange Fruit) Welcome to runescape! A tough-looking criminal. (Bandits) Welcome to runescape! I guess he sells what he steals...? (Bandits Shopkeeper) Welcome to runescape! How do these things manage to grow? (Cactus) Welcome to runescape! I guess I could sleep in it if I were really tired. (Bed)
  3. Here is another senario... You are wearing you full verac and using your nooby prayer. And out of nowhere DI or RSD mage bank pk team comes up and you now have to try to escape, but wait you can only use one prayer at a time! So while you have protect from melee you're getting ice barraged, then you turn on mage and you're getting whiped. Oh my you're dead and you just lost 7.5M+.
  4. Aight so imma clear some things up -- Well it was friday night, and i was talking to lord-death. Lord-death and me got to fighting and i said if he would be let me join gladz for the war and zf couldn't call it cheating. Pictures of the mirc room -- I asked on the gladz board and at first jarico said no, but i got to talking with him and he said i could come in echo69x's legion. Well i get there when i'm told all set to fight, and all the gladz start yelling at me not to come. Finally echo tells me jarico has changed his mind and i cannot go with gladz. I get very pissed off, but cool down once i hear from tha-hanzz we, eoh and mk, are going to be mini-ing with GA or 'the' or somebody. Anyways after eoh dominates pee capers (aka supa's clan and others) at rune rocks i go checkin out to see how the gladz war is going. I go over and notice only 10 gladz are left there.... I went with the intentions of killing sneaky-one and jarico cause i'm still very upset with them both. Anyways i don't want to hear this BS gladz cheating by me coming. ZF even said i was free to go and wouldn't call it cheatting, as seen in above pictures.
  5. Well here are my goes, if you don't like maybe i'll give it another go. Two styles of my first one: I think number one is the better, but i'm not the buyer ;) ~Polixo
  6. I'll enter this one :) just gotta wait for details. ~Polixo
  7. Here s my go, got an idea as i read ths specs for this project, and looked thro the current entries and saw my idea was already in use :oops: So here is my new idea, maybe i'll make some more tomarrow; kinda havin a artist's block.
  8. Hehe when i gte home maybe i'll remake it. I was going for the look of him kinda chiped into the mountain, kinda like how back in olden times people make things like that for their gods and such.
  9. I think i'll enter this ;) Prolly enter a number of styles, themes 8)
  10. Lmao ya i love lookin at how well i've improved over time :P And now:
  11. Idk whats ur problem masterxman, but ur acting like you directly copy and pasted characters from your siggy to his own, which he didn't. Also if you want to go into 'omg his looks like mine if ur twist ur head and squint' then were u the first person to ever do something in pixel? i don't think so. It's not like you invented pixel siggies :roll: I use to think your sigs were cool, i was tempted to buy one, buy i wouldn't give 1mill so a stuck up [bleep] like you. Btw ryno, your sigs are leet saucin :) i love em.
  12. Idk if u have noticed yet but this is tip.it ;) sig requires are 300x150 Tho i like em those aren't siggies ;) and if they are they are illegal :P yes wow its illegal and its really hard to change that............. omg and if you do something illegal on a forum you might get... ARRESTED!! :roll: I'm just warning him smartass, topics have been closed cause of outsized sigs. So how about u just take ur punk [wagon] back to runescape and get sum levels? :roll: nobody wants to see ur spam.
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