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  1. Personally, I pick it up once a week. FYI, your rating goes down by 1% every day ;)
  2. Scimitars are Better for Strength Training :)
  3. Oh Wow! There has been a lot happening recently! I will just name a few ;) Edgevile, Draynor and the Grand Exchange have gone through many Graphical updates. Everything is reorganised. More Quests have come out especially the Pirate Quest Series. There has also been Elemental Workshop 4 and maybe a few other Fairy Tale Quests. There are also many more places like the Jadinko Lair. Also more Minigames like Heerblore Habitat. This is only a bit of what you have missed! There is a LOT MORE! :D
  4. It does provide useful teles but about the 'Wealth' bit...Ummmmm....Its OK =)
  5. I would say either G Altar or Ecto them OR Sell them :)
  6. A quick tip is to post this on the RS Forums too. There will be more ppl there ;)
  7. You will get the clan ring only if you are in a clan and if you have done enough skilling up there ;)
  8. Yes, you should try foreign worlds. You should go the main page, click the flag which can be found at the bottom and click where the play now button used to be. The whole will be translated but you should be ok :) Every inventory of bones is a little over 300k :D :D
  9. I would have recommend mining coal but at your mining level......it would take sometime... You can kill monsters for big bones for prayer And yeah, farming herbs is good money :) You may wanna do the quest Royal Trouble and the other one for Miscellania and Ecteria :D
  10. Personally, I Love Mining! So you could use the advantages of the Dungeons and The Coal Trucks. Have you done the Quest to get access to Miscellania and Ecteria? Once you have completed those quests, you can get quite good money from Managing your kingdom. You can also train Summoning so that when you are training you Prayer at the Glided altar or Mining at the LRC, you can carry more ores/bones with you. Its your choice! :D
  11. The Most laggy tele-lag that happens to me is when I tele to the Clan Camp using the Vexillum. It lags like WOW! Maybe reducing the graphics will make it less lagier....
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