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  1. Busy with real life. Can anyone post what the clothes look like? :unsure:
  2. This is unexpected, and rather impressive. Though I doubt Jacmob was secretly working undercover for Jagex. What is probable was Jagex sat down with him and made him an offer he couldn't possibly refuse - :rolleyes: No, really. Jagex don't have the resources to sue all the botters, but they sure as heck have the resources to sue him. Were I in the same boat, I think I'd probably take the deal too.
  3. Hm. Does the new quest have anything to do with previous storylines, or does it seem like something new completely?
  4. Given that Jagex is citing a "foreign" law and using "foreign" laws in their case... :rolleyes:
  5. No. Classical MMOs either have established end-game (WoW, L2, Dark Age of Camelot), completely determined by player interactions and player community (EVE), is Guild Wars, or operates on a instanced-persistent model (League of Legends, World of Tanks). Or it's got a specific premise that's its main draw - City of Heroes is a good example of a game that's still going pretty strong due to its strong roleplaying community. The former makes the end-game accessible early in minor forms and offers a lot of "incentives" to grind to end game. The second basically determines what is end-game. Guild Wars is sort of unique in that it's basically a single player game and everything else is either for PVP or is for cosmetics, and the last two games can be played in bursts, making it feel like an actual game. I don't need to comment on League of Legends or Tanks - my best friend swears by tanks because he plays a little scouting tank. He goes in and dies and waits for ten minutes while the round is over. During the wait time he works on his engineering assignments. (For the record, you could use other tanks and play other rounds - so it's not like you're waiting for long. Each round lasts for ten minutes max) ... Basically the first time I've seen a game actively contribute to productivity. League of Legends is a party game for me. I never play it without at least two or three people I know in real life. Needless to say, I find it enjoyable. RS is what I do when I have ten-twenty minutes between classes, really. I pop in, farm a plant or kill a demon or something and then log back out. I have all the requirements for the quests anyways, which is what I'm really interested in. Some of RS's writing is surprisingly good. :P
  6. Oh. My bad. Read your name as Biyaunte the first time and it sort of stuck. :blink:
  7. Biyaunte, we don't know. Our best bet is to wait and see - there really hasn't been many MMO precedents. This is one of the few instances where a company has stood out and said, "alright, bots are a problem. Let's see what we can do to fix it." That, in itself, is impressive. What remains to see is to see how hard the botting companies push back. There are websites who are stating that they'll be back in business within the end of the week. Whether that's also propaganda ... Well, you decide.
  8. *Perks up at fixing grind* Fixing grind will draw in new players and those who are still grinding. It'll piss off older players who did have to somehow kill 392348234 chickens like Cyrisus. Unless they put in some sort of achievement for older players who grinded before the EXP got fixed - but then, you'll have to deal with a permanent divide in the player base that cannot possibly be well in any way, shape, or form.
  9. Yup. I know the music industry does this quite frequently - I've had to advise a number of my residents about similar situations. But it takes one arrogant kid to go "I ain't payin" for this to become a nightmare for the company in question. At least with movies and music there is an actual copyright involved. The only thing I could possibly see Jagex having a leg to stand on is the line But it'll be rather difficult to prove that in court. Furthermore, it'll be awfully, awfully hard to prove that Bot Doe #9823145 is the ONE responsible. Given the U.S. Court's reliance on precedence and how they've already failed twice... The thing that bugs me is not that they're willing to give second chance to botters, but rather the fact that by doing such a thing, Jagex has exposed their weakness. The botters may be right about this: their game IS propped up by people who bot, whether or not Jagex likes to admit it. Removing bots may be an excellent re-start, but Jagex has to now compete with all the other F2P and mobile games out there. At this point I'm not sure who's digging who's grave.
  10. They probably got the e-mails by forcing Paypal or something to hand e-mail addresses over. I'm not sure how effective threatening legal action works on players, considering that they've had a history of failing such cases in the first place. I mean, what are they going to do? Spend lawyer fees on every single one of 'em? :rolleyes: And DMCA is on copyright infringement. I don't see bots recreating anything that would be infringing upon copyright. Hell, that's the reason why they lost that first case in the first place.
  11. Someone want to pass the popcorn? Mhm. While the responses by the Jagex mods were very similar to their primary userbase, I do believe Jagex have a reason to gloat this time. However, pride before downfall. It's way too early to be celebrating victory. Notice how about 100k active players are basically gone? The bot programers will be fighting back harder than ever. As for MMG's comment... it could be the case, but I suspect the reality is that they've only recently came up with this whole idea. Unless Jagex was truly, laughably blind, half of your population botting away IS significant enough to warrant instant attention, and not just after free trade. Though, I will note that an eight month turnabout rate isn't bad in the MMO industry - it took SONY years to figure out something was wrong. Either way, going onto those forums make my head hurt. I'll be remaining cautiously optimistic.
  12. There's a rumor going around that Triple Zeal won't be happening because the bots got around it. Can anyone confirm if this is true?
  13. We will not know how much damage this did to bots until at least tomorrow. Soon, we'll know if it's truly a PR move or really something that'll affect the game in the long run. Either way, the game goes on.
  14. Checked out dragons between classes. There are hordes of people in d shirts, granite platebodies, whips, and etc. But I think that might be due to this newfangled 3x slayer EXP thing that's going on. :mellow:
  15. I think what Biyaunte is saying is that you gained experience - 138k in mining, for instance, and thus, you went up your ranks. How many of those are due to your gains and are due to bot bannings would then be questionable. I mean, not to doubt your claims, but the increases in your mining rank corresponds to your EXP gain pretty well...
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