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  1. I guess the 'innocent until proven guilty' shtick doesn't apply here. Besides, there isn't really a way to prove that I don't bot (cause really, I don't think either of you can prove/disprove your innocence either). But I guess my only half-evidence is that my stats are pretty balanced? My Cooking + Fletching + Rc + Hunter + Mining are relatively low mainly cause I hate those skills, while I've done all my combat training with slayer + I have somewhat decent stats such as 70 herblore, 69 farming, and 75 crafting.
  2. I lost front page for 3-4 days on the second week lol. But other that, always floating between 11-22 :P Well, until now.
  3. Just got unfairly banned on JenniferChen. Was doing a quest too... how do you bot quests. Well, gg front page overall.
  4. Limestone bricks are very inefficient considering the high gp/hr moneymaking methods with good xp/hr. At least be correct/knowledgeable if you use condescending sarcasm.
  5. He's doing it wrong too lol. Supposed to bank at Peer the Seer.
  6. Woox is still frontpage with 1 con + 9 hunter lol.
  7. how am i still on front page lel but ya, unik4kosova is, to my knowledge, only frontpager who has 99 atm.
  8. i see me ;o think dark lust was first to 1100, and xmorgan was first to 1200 gudvid
  9. Try actually doing Gnome Restaurant? iirc they aren't that rare when I went for mint cakes (when they were still worth a lot)
  10. I remember that the IP system was based on the last 3 numbers. Low + Divisible by 8 > High + Divisible by 8 > Not Divisible by 8
  11. 5cb in f2p is retarded since we don't 13%. Thus, only 2-3 people are needed to paf while others just are relegated to gd all the time. Gding =/= Dging
  12. Regarding binds, I have bryll top, bryll legs, spinebeam staff, and frac 2h. My ammo bind is cosmics. Possible switches include removing bryll legs for a shield and switching frac 2h for frac maul. I think most dgers use frac 2h due to the old system where 2h > maul, but maul may be better in eoc (probs needs checking). Cosmics are the best ammo bind, hands down. The only reason one should not have cosmics is if they don't have 54 runecrafting. Blastbox is very unnecessary as an air staff bind for air blast is sufficient for all the monsters weak to magic. Law binds do not allow for leading. I find that the best style to use for mob rooms is magic, due to the AoE F2p ability Chain. There aren't any other AoE abilities (other than ricochet, but if you have cosmic binds, you won't be ranging). Magic seems to be stronger than melee in dg atm.
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