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  1. Speaking to A Lv Too Low today and got this interesting conclusion. Then I died. /screwface
  2. They have bots to make accounts xD
  3. Now that is an idiotic statement, Makaveli has been a long time contributor to this thread and won't have made up his opinion on Gemeos over night. I read this thread everyday, and everyday Gemeos makes some statement about efficiency, and that he has the best method to do thing, that he's going for 200m all skills, that he has 35b bank, that he can make 25 (or was it 75?) m/hr, yet uses rocktails for cooking. It's that kind of arrogant attitude, that he's always right and that he's better than you because he's efficient, that has got him so hated. He reminds me of a guy who I live with, he planned to run a marathon this year and started training for it. Once he started building up some fitness, he ran a half marathon and then started criticising everyone else's exercise habits, that we weren't going often enough, that we were too slow, that we didn't go far enough. This reminds me of Gemeos, criticising people who don't have an end-goal, who exercise for fun and to be healthy and fit, not to run a Marathon. If you actually care he worked his way up to running 200m Cooking, I mean a half marathon all the while criticising everyone else, then ended up pulling out of the full Marathon because he couldn't finish it. Let me tell you there's a big difference between running a half marathon and running a full 200m all skills. If that's your goal fine, just don't bring it up every chance you get and criticise everyone else along the way, who are playing for fun. And you say mine was an idiotic statement haha, I don't even have to read your bibalical length post to know that. You've assumed I'm talking about Makaveli within an instance of reading my post, typical kid.
  4. I love how most people come on and read the last few posts and make some idiotic statement ^-^
  5. Definition of lonely; "Sad because one has no friends or company." He has my friendship and electronically based company ^-^ so you're wrong on that front and as for your claims on him hating on people because they relax to play that's a false statement. He doesn't hate he simply puts forward his views to other people about how he feels on the matter.
  6. I'm with Gemeos2 on this because he/she seems very lonely :o Anyway you guys are being extremely biased in the way you're thinking... you're simply saying "Only S U O M I can get 200m exp in all skills everyone else has to be negative" because can think they can achieve if they want and I'm sure there where people who said the same thing to S U O M I when another player was at a stupid amount of exp. And with that in mind Gemeos2 can work out and think about as much mathematical equations and count games ticks as much as he/she wants and through reading what he/she has said he/she is completely correct on the subject you guys are just being power nazi haters. (Excuse the bad punctuation my damn comma key broke :sad: )
  7. Runecrafting is all about that effigiency now :shades: c wut i did thur?
  8. On a non arguing note (yes you guys above :o) this is very interesting and could very well be patched eventually. Is this some method of setting up traps a few ticks faster? So, uhm, could this operate for fishing in the same way as sweets? Hmm, I think it splits an animation apart from an action as I have 26m hunter exp I did notice on my hunter journey that the box is completely set up yet you continue to do an animation whilst moving off the trap regardless and this method is sort of bug abuse in a way I suppose regardless of it being very minor bug abuse. Can't see it being effective when hunting though as you can see when he is hunting he stands there for a second waiting for the next trap to make an action so the ticks would equal out eventually.
  9. On a non arguing note (yes you guys above :o) this is very interesting and could very well be patched eventually.
  10. Would just like to notify people who don't know, I checked popular botting websites (Naughty me :o) and they had the bots back up and running flawlessly within 12 hours.
  11. I have a cannon, and about 10k cannonballs. Also i should have enough charms for bunyip. But thanks for the help. State that then, hard to help people otherwise. Also post your RSN so we can analyse your stats and help further.
  12. You can't buy thieving, le problem? He bought a pharaoh's sceptre ofc. I substitute your reality and reinstate my own.
  13. Whats wrong with tassets? Or are you just saying that fury + verac's skirt would be better and cheaper on a budget? #1 Tassets and glory = 17m - 18m #2 Verac/Torag legs and fury = 7m - 8m Get better bonuses and save 10m, yes please.
  14. xat


    Get the Lycosa, I got it a few weeks ago.. It's absolutely epic for online fps gaming. Also, tyler the creator... good sense of music ;)
  15. You can't buy thieving, le problem?
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