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  1. Why was my post ignored? Prove my point/post wrong then ill agree gay couples should be allowed to be married.
  2. Then what of homosexuals who are really young? You might say it is just a "phase" or they want attention, but when that individual continues to be homosexual for the rest of their life, then thats not a slow change. This would suggest they were either born that way or they chose to be that way. For individuals who become homosexual later on in life, one would think that they had been supressing those feelings or they all of sudden realized they had an attraction to the same gender. Again, genetic or choice. You kind of proved the first part of my point. You're looking at a couple and judging them based solely on their ability to reproduce. If they can't reproduce, then they are not a couple. So then, one should naturally think that marriage is in place inorder for us to reproduce. Forget emotion, that is irrelevant at this point, and marriage becomes defined as a couple's ability to create offspring. There are people who get married and never have children. And besides the tax advantages of such a marriage, those couples get married because they love each other. Homosexual couples feel the same way and it seems wrong to not recognize them as couples or, on a seperate issue, to allow them to get married. No, you misunderstood me entirely. My point is, lets say im single and have a best guy friend and a best girl friend. and I wanted to date one of them. The determining factor would be who was I attracted to? If i was homo, then I would be attracted to my best guy friend, if not then i would be attracted to my best girl friend. Because I loved them both the same, and had the same kind of relationship with them. I have a guy friend im closer with and consider my best friend compaired to wife. Does that make me homo cause I love him too? No it doesnt, the only way that would make me homosexual is if i was sexually attracted to him.
  3. A man don't actually make the off spring they just add one of the important ingredients to it. But still you can have sperm donors can't you? So the same applies to women then? Are you dumb or just arrogant? It takes ONE man and ONE woman to make offspring. not TWO men or TWO women. Do you get it now? I never said I didn't. I was asking because Yourinator ONLY SAID that for men and nothing about women. I was just asking to see if yourinator was one of those anti gay people but not anti lesbo. (OH and YES I do know the facts of life thanks). You asked for one way and I gave it didn't I? Only AFTER I answered your question you put in clauses.The next time can you please say it all in the same question(including what you would and wouldn't like in the answer so I'll do my best to take that into consideration) not adding extra clauses after a person answers your question. I take it your against adopting children and a person who has a child from a previous relationship trying to get another partner? Well not really. I heard a while ago that scientists can make a woman pregnant w/o a any help from a man. But all the children would be female(that's still reproduction isn't it?). (Sorry I can't find any place where I can show you this as in hard evidence but I'll try.) Ok I guess you need everyting spoon fed to you. Am I against a couple(man and woman) adopting a child because they cant produce their own off-spring naturally? Nope. and somone with a child trying to find another partner....did you pull this one out of left field? Lets stay on topic please. ^^ I guess you missed Ive been talking about how to naturally produce off-spring. edit: Im not even against 2 gay people adopting a child. Im just proving a point that homosexuality isnt natural and I dont think they should get to marry either. THATS IT.
  4. If it's not a choice and it's not natural (genetic), what is it? Your point of view is wrong in the bolded sentence. If you were homosexual, then you would feel the same feelings you have now (I'm assuming heterosexual) except they would be towards the same gender. Either that or you don't want to ever have sexual relations as a heterosexual either. Edit: I could see where you were going if we lived in a completely utilitarian world with no emotion, but the fact is homosexual couples love each other in the same way heterosexual couples do. Homosexual couples have more than sexual relationships, the same as heterosexuals. Im guessing its something that happens in a persons life, or slowly over time inner feelings change. No, that isnt what homosexuality is. I can have a relationship with a man as close or better then one I have with my wife and not have any kind of sexual feeling for him. Being homo is being attracted to the same sex, period. Love is love is love is love. You can have love without being attracted to someone. The only thing that makes someone homosexual is being attracted to the same sex. Anyway you look at it, thats what it boils down to.
  5. Animals have gay sex too just for pleasure. Are they doing something wrong too? The thought of homosexuality turns me off... completely, but I still don't see how it harms you when other people do it. WOW thank you. I just pointed out my dad is homosexual and me and him still have a great relationship. I just dont think something people do for PLEASURE(as you so kindly pointed it out and worded it like i was trying to) Being homo is basically for PLEASURE, since thats all it really means. If thats what people want to do thats fine with me, you shouldnt get the benefits heterosexual couples get, though.
  6. I know plenty of homosexual men and none of them proclaim to have chosen to be gay. It just happens. Whether it is triggered later in life, or it happens at birth, it is not a choice. I have never known a gay person to EVER say it was just an offhand choice. Why would anyone want to choose to be something that ignorant societies shun and limit rights to? I never said it was a choice. I just said it isnt genetic. You say being homosexual isnt a choice, but what exactly is homosexuality? Its being ATTRACTED to the other sex, thats it. I would rather live a life by myself, then have sexual relations with the same sex even if i was attracted to them. I guess other people dissagree.
  7. A man don't actually make the off spring they just add one of the important ingredients to it. But still you can have sperm donors can't you? So the same applies to women then? Are you dumb or just arrogant? It takes ONE man and ONE woman to make offspring. not TWO men or TWO women. Do you get it now? And sperm donors? I think thats about as dumb as you can get also, since it ISNT your genetic kid.(atleast to one of the couple)
  8. I fail to see the difference between being a bi/homosexual and participating in homosexual acts. I'm a heterosexual, which is widely regarded as normal, and if were to participate in heterosexual intercourse, that too would be deemed normal within reason. I can't see the difference just because the action in question is between two people of the same gender. Simply put, if being a homosexual is OK by them, why isn't participating in homosexual acts? One logically follows the other. No I haven't, not even during the annual Manchester Pride festival when I was in Manchester this year. You do realize that a woman has a vag and a male a penis. What are they SUPPOSED to be used for other then pleasure? Creating offspring. When you can prove to me 2 men can create off-spring, then Ill be perfectly fine with homosexuals. You do realize that 2 men having intercourse can cause internal problems(health) and have no outcome of it besides pleasure. So I fail to see how being gay is genetic, yet the whole principal behind a man and woman is to create offspring. Maybe being homosexual is gods way of darwins theory working? You know since 2 men or 2 woman cant produce off-spring, their genetics arent re curculated back into the population. P.S I have no hate towards homosexuals at all, my dad decided he was homosexual when I was in 7th grade and has been with the same man since. I visit him reguarly and have a good relationship. Do I think he was born gay? nope. Do I think he should be allowed to marry? Nope.
  9. Im 20 and had a kid when i was 19. My wife and I are married. I used to play rs back in 01-04 then quit. Just recently came back. As long as you have your priorities right, playing runescape is fine. Family>bills>runescape.
  10. Cmon, they were too busy coding the option to lose your armor :roll:
  11. Ah I didnt know you were talking about pures. Although my definition of pure, and the one used in todays runescape is probably much different. I completely agree with you on that aspect. The same as the one itemers who are just there to try and make a profit with no risk.
  12. Sorry man but thats about the dumbest thing i have ever heard. You are dissapointed at people "mindlessly clicking" to level up their combat stats. What exactly where you doing when mining/smithing/ doing any skill..? And gank people for their hard earned cash? People knew what they were getting into going into the wild. People know what they are getting into when going into BH, and people will know what they are getting into in the new PVP worlds. So if they cant afford to lose that hard earned cash, then dont risk it. Thats the whole fun of pking is risk vs reward. the adreline of knowing you can lose your items, but also know you have a chance of beating someone and getting their items, and also bragging rights. Pking with no risk or reward(which is what you would like) is dull and boring. Completely takes the excitement out of it.
  13. Haha, sounds about right to me. Although I do think jagex is partly to blame for the seperation too.
  14. Exactly, most skillers dont get that. When and if PVP comes back, prices of all foods,armor,potions etc WILL go up, maybe by a lot.
  15. I thought it would be a interesting topic to discuss. I started playing rs in feb/march of 2001. It was back when you could pk anywhere in runescape +/- 3 levels of yourself(i think it was). The community itself was MUCH smaller and everyone basically knew everyone. It was all about pking and a race to highest levels. If you attacked someone you would get a skull and would lose all items, if you didnt have one you would keep 3 best items. There wasnt a big seperation in the whole community. You didnt have "skillers" who hated on the pkers, and vice versa. Why is it such a big deal now a days? Why do skillers hate people who liked to pk and put them down, and vice versa? When did the community actually change like this? And was some of it due to jagex themselves?
  16. Wow someone has a skewwed view on things. You must be a semi new runescape player too. The people that are complaining about not getting drops arent complaining about just that. The whole point is why lose something for nothing? If you have a chance to lose something, you should have a chance to gain something also.
  17. Yes a good update. I just dont get the option of losing armor on death. Who is going to use that?
  18. Hello everyone.Thought I would start a blog to keep up with my goals. About me [hide=]My RL name is kegan. Im 20 years old, and have a wife and 1 year old daughter. I started playing rs in 01, and played quit frequently up until the first mass ban on [Caution: Jagex Rule Violation] when I got my stats wiped. I have played on and off since then, but have started playing everyday again. pic of me [/hide] Goals [hide=goals]I have a couple of goals I want to reach. I never like to do one thing for a long peroid of time, so I switch out doing them when I get bored. I would like to get 85 slayer. Will be training str on all slayer task. Also would like 80 smithing/85 mining. Will be mining iron south of varrock till i can get in mining guild. Then ill mine all the coal i need to make the iron into steel bars. Also would like to get 76 fishing/cooking. Also would like to reach the 10mil mark. Will be high alching all the things i smith,and might start making bows then alching. [/hide] Since I just recently came back I dont have many friends in rs at all, hope to make some from this blog. Feel free to msg me ingame or post any tips/comments/critism on here. Danightsword is my ingame name.
  19. No. Mage and range count in combat formulas if they are much higher than your other stats. Otherwise if you had a character with level 10s on all melees and 99 magic, it would be extremely low level, which would be dumb since the 99 magic (or range) would be extremely powerful. It does NOW I'm talking about his runescape classic formula though. In runescape classic mage and range DID NOT count in combat level and it was wholey possible to have lvl 3 with 99 mage and/or 99 range One of the big hyped features of RS2 was the fact that combat now included mage and range within your level Dude you have no idea what you are talking about... Mage affected your combat in RSC. Where do you think the term pures came from? People would not train any magic and have their hp way above their combat level.
  20. Just came back from around a 4-5 year quit... Started playing in 01. My ingame name is danightsword. Im just looking for some nice people to talk to ingame and hopefully make some friends. Msg me ingame or post here if you want!
  21. Sorry for noob question, but how do you get these lit?
  22. I fail to see how this will make fixed prices on items. If they are buying mass quanities of high end equipment to raise prices. People will just stop buying and then they will be stuck with all of those high end equipment with nobody buying it and they will be the ones losing out.
  23. Im not 100% positive...but you probably could drop the chimes then go back and get a saw.
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