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  1. Elias is very religious you see, so can only spend a few months at a time doing trivial things like playing RS before he has to get... ... back2pray. Anyway, has anyone done time calculations in a while, I'm just wondering how many hours Jake has til 5b? Will he probably be aiming for 5.2b I assume? That was one of the lamest puns I've ever heard... ...and it was hilarious. I think we should find out more about Elvis's plans, so without further ado, a little less conversation, a little more action please
  2. inb4 the game is an agility only version of RS
  3. What effect has 07 had on the race to 200m all in EoC? Are world pops down and as a result spawn rates? how drastically is this effecting xp/hour in various skills, i found it nigh on impossible to get within 20-30k exp/hour when hunting in a sup optimal world.
  4. You make it sound like he was in prison rather than gaining an education in order to potentially improve his future life.
  5. Barb fishing was about 65k/hour for me with alching. Thieving @ menaphite thugs is 270k/hour
  6. Perfect is impossible and daft to aim for, but if its not accurate whats the point? Whether skills have genuinely got a time cost of 0 or not is pretty relevant. Mage being something like 200 hours alching (@65k/hour) Melee being 525 hours (@80k/hour)
  7. That is awesome, thanks very much for writing it. I'd love to get Gemeos involved, he might not be up to date on exp/hour, but he's spent a decent amount of time working on time calcs, so I'm sure he'd have a lot to offer. He was always keen to use methods that most top players would use rather than the ultimately fastest ones. Please could you post a list of what method and the rough exp/hour you gave to it? Means each method can be discussed, possible alternatives suggested, and we could get more people providing figures for average exp/hour rather than just the top end. Some thoughts of mine, Template for skills/methods/xp rates
  8. ilogout and theclown04 both released videos of the crossover method a good 4 or 5 years ago showing the location mastered, i'll have a look if either still have them. Says he managed to get 60k mage + 60k mining in a later video where he's alching, but thats after varrock achievement.
  9. i think... 1) unlock as many methods of transportation as possible, 2) Hunting for cash. 3) Invest in kingdom/merching, (continue thing throughout) 4) Fletching till you can do bolts whilst rcing and doing agility 5) agility catching high level implings as you go 6) Rc, whilst its still easy enough to get runners ( a perfectly acceptable method imo) 7) Construction until you get all portals for transportation and your own gilded altar, 8) Prayer to 12.5m 9) Mining to 12.5m 10) Chin to 70 defence 11) Slay to 99 using cannon on as many tasks as possible After this I don't see much consequence to the order in which you do skills. Edit: Perhaps cooking or herblore before slayer to avoid having to buy supplies that you will later go on to make anyway Edit 2: Iron is faster than granite
  10. So what are the fastest/most efficient methods for most exp in each skill? Cooking - Sharks @ Rogues den Fletching - addy bolts whilst agil/runecraft/loads of others? or is the break even/cost of mages or yews more worthwhile? Hunter - Chins over sallies for gp? Thieving - Blackjacking menaphite thugs or plunder? Mining - Iron + mousekeys triple dropping slightly beats granite Fishing = barbarian heavy rod, not seen if 2 tic or any catch rate improvement is possible magic bursting then barraging, but most players would alch? Range = chinning, not entirely though since a cannon increases slayer exp/hour. Wonder how much range exp cannon would get on the road to 99 slay Rcing = laws with runners? or is double nats easier to get runners for? Con = mahog tables? or are mahogany planks too rare/not high enough supply (yet?) Crafting = various levels of d hide bodies Woodcutting = willows Prayer = d bones (dag not enough supply?) Agility = dorgeshun yet? or ape atoll? def+hp = chinning or bursting/barraging? Cant imagine it being efficient to not get the stats and complete kings ransom for piety. Must be quicker than the hours lost on the road to 99 melees?
  11. Cheers for the post, I'll try and add it in now.
  12. Cheers for the posts in relation to progress, updating them to the front page. Any pictures are appreciated..
  13. I think it'l be interesting to see how exp rates change as the economy develops and items join the game. It'll be fun to be the first to unlock items like whips, but inefficient to slay with weak gear. Any idea how Atrate was training? Blackjacking menaphites used to be on a par with plunder in one of Zarfot's videos.
  14. Seen loads of posts in the 200m all skills thread in regards to Rs07. I can see how they're a similar topic, but since there is a dedicated OS forum I reckon it's a decent time to jump in and start this topic here. So without further ado.... Feel free to discuss: Contenders to achieve 2277 first First to various 99s Strategies relating to 99 all in RS07 Optimal training methods/efficiency Tracking site for Rs07 http://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/ (Thanks to ca2theone for linking and Foot for making it) Initial notes
  15. Looking at pure guides from the time might be a good idea. I remember making a pure or two in 2007 and one of the first things I did was the waterfall quest. Gives you 30 att and str within an hour or so. Guessing how the economy will be shaped doesn't sound like a great idea to me, I think that choosing tasks and goals that work without the need for money makes more sense. Perhaps 23 thieving, then training up agility or hunter. Agility will help with any skill that doesn't revolve around bankstanding, as well as making dailies quicker. If you hunt first though it could provide starter cash allowing you to train mage and buy tele runes to improve your gameplay. After achieving an optimum base, certain skills must be prioritised to improve the training of others, nothing precedes agility beyond a simple base level though? I'd love to know what date in 2007 they're basing it on though, 9th december perhaps?
  16. What would have been cool is if someone made a goal to get 200m all skills in 2007, never played any updated content, including training new skills and they were to come out of the wood work having completed their goal. 200m all skills (all being true of when they started). Of the top 15, who do you reckon could ever reach 200m all? I think Dapledo, Duffy, Jake and Jdela all stand a chance of getting there eventually. Maybe not Dapledo since he's a proven quitter.
  17. I think a lot of people are saddened by the whole donations debacle, not because they think Suomi wouldn't have got 200m all, not because they don't think he would have been the first one to do so, but because it deducts from the overall achievement. It doesn't take away from it by any relevant amount; the work suomi has put in is his own, and is greater than any amount other players have sacrificed before him. 200m all skills is pretty much the ultimate achievement though, whilst there are other elements of gameplay, this is one of the few bits that we all kind of questioned was even possible. Suomi is perhaps the only one that will ever reach this, and when he does it will be damn impressive. There'll always be that lingering feeling though "here's what you would have won..." Something minutely different, but somewhat flawless. That's one of the things a lot of us have loved about Suomi's road to 200m all, he hasn't "wasted exp", he's pushed skilling to its limits day in day out for a ridiculous amount of hours, and in this pursuit of perfection, he's overshot the mark and now there's no going back. Accepting donations is efficient, but it's almost like everyone who has donated has stolen a little bit of the achievement that they don't deserve. Making the money for buyables is part of the achievement. The time calc is a good example of this, as it includes the time spent making this money and donations are in my eyes, taking a shortcut and doing it in less time than possible. We can all make money, at different rates, some via questionable methods, one of which is accepting donations. For me, accepting donations is pretty much in the same boat as dicing, it's using your interpersonal skills to encourage others to take a chance on parting with their money for potential gain, the speed and style of it lack grind though. People who monsterhunt put in the hours, to get a rate of income, people who merch do the same, when researching items, putting in offers, finding out margins and exploiting it. Moneymaking is the 25th skill, linked with all the others, and as such for it to be the perfect achievement it would have been nice to have been ground away like the rest. Please don't take any of this as an insult by the way, a completely unbelievable and unrivaled achievement is about to be gained, and it was (will have been) made possible due to your own personal hard work and dedication. Well done. As someone said earlier, it would be nice if there was a way for you to give back the money. You know, to account for the extra hours. Of course, some people wouldn't accept it, but just to show you've made it would be enough. Remembering all the donations, especially considering that some were of such tiny amounts is somewhat ridiculous, but it would be good if you could start topics on various forums asking people to post if they donated and if so, how much. Just to get an idea of the amount. THEN SELL THIS SUM OF MONEY AND DONATE IT TO CHARITY. Only reason i say sell it, and encourage rule breaking is because I can't think of a moral high ground, i.e. charity, within runescape. Some people would back the thought of donating to Jake or Drumgun, but it doesn't give me that happy buzz, so i guess not.
  18. Skiller703 stands a decent chance at being right up there.
  19. I must admit, seeing the positions changing on the time calc updates disappoints me a bit. It reminds me of what a few maxed f2pers (and retired top players) have said, memorably so by Syzygy during his Tip.it interview. What's the point in competing for #1 when every new update invalidates the work you've done so far. What's the point in having trained slow skills first when they're likely to be subjectively ruined by faster exp rates down the line. You can argue that the sensible choice is that if an exp rate/method of training feels too good to be true, then make use of it. Isn't that just the mentality used by bug abusers though? Trying to get an unfair advantage over everyone else. I can't speak on behalf of Phoenix Odin or LarryR, but the exp that they gained sure doesn't feel like it's in the same skill as Suomi or Dragonseance to name a few. I'm not criticising the players, more the game. In a race to 200m all, the numbers next to each players total exp are fairly incomparable unless they used the same methods. Even the thought of getting 200m all in the most/least time is pretty irrelevant unless there is some sort of multiplier involved with every method of every skill. I'm not saying to favour people who choose to get 200m mining with copper and bronze, because it's inefficient, more so that 200m mining at iron ore would be a 10x, granite an 8x, gold a 7x or whatnot. For me it would make the whole race far more interesting, as the time calc has tried to do, but tries in vain because the figures in the calculator don't represent hours played, efficiency or even cost, of anyone who played before the most recent update of the figures used. Tl:Dr Jebrim's 200m agility on acc 1 isn't the same as it was on acc 2, or the same as it will be on acc 3. They're all varying difficulties and as such the different achievements deserve different merit. Just as 200m cooking isn't as impressive as 200m agility (in any era)
  20. I'd be interested to see which daily challenge saves the most hours.
  21. Which Auras are worth buying? I have 96.5k loyalty points, jack of trades, reverence, vampyrism and would like to know the order of them from most useful (first to buy) to last of the ones worth buying. This question is in regards to using auras for 200m all skills and relates to what Dragonseance said on here a while back.
  22. Ask him if he has any recent bank pics or estimates of his bank. I'd be willing to donate to him to get him back playing and I'd guess other people would be too. He's always been one of those players that's not let his fame get in the way of being a good guy. I've bumped into him several times throughout the years and he was happy to have a chat whilst playing and not only offered insight into high level game play, but advice on how to improve my own play whilst managing to avoid being patronising.
  23. =LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-1)*IF(RIGHT(A1,1)="K",1000,IF(RIGHT(A1,1)="M",1000000,1)) Found this on the googles, replace A1 with what you want to be substituted. If you want to maintain the cell you can manually find+replace K\M in selected areas with 000 or 000000. could you guys please be a little more off topic. try using pm It's for the purposes of his excel sheet directly related to this thread lol Exactly. Sadly, your solution didn't work though. I am trying to import GE prices from GE database and make calcs with those numbers. So, it would have to be auto and not manually Grimy Bunyip's spreadsheets are of great use I imagine, although It looks pretty similar to the formula posted above. Here is the table of contents spreadsheet, If you wish to speak to him directly about it I'm sure you'd be able to find him if you performed a search in relation to wasting xp. Thunder also did something similar and used this sentence to sort out "k": =IF(ISERR(FIND("k",F33,1))=FALSE,LEFT(F33,(FIND("k(,F33,1)-1))*1000,F33) that formula is in regards to the secondary cost for making saradomin brews, used in this spreadsheet.
  24. Why not just printscreen the spreadsheet where it's all lined up nicely anyway?
  25. Also none of the other 49 people between him and rank 100 can beat him to it, or any of the people behind him who are close enough to catch him and hopefully people don't regain members who are already 200m.
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