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  1. I have no time for the bots. I always report them if I see them! I play the game for me and my own achievements. I enjoy playing it and if people feel that they have to turn to botting because they cant be bothered to play properly then they shouldnt play at all!
  2. Unfortunately not... Only stews! Firemaking can be a boring one to train. Just do a bit each day rather than doing it all in one big chunk
  3. Not too sure about all the XP and stuff like that but a good old basic guide to lvl 99 fishing and cooking (as the two skills come hand in hand) can be seen at http://runescape-mysteries.com/cooking-and-fishing-99/
  4. Good news! I am looking forward to seeing when a name I have been waiting for comes available! Good times!
  5. Do Evil trees spawn randomly? Or is it always within the same area? Just wanted to know... I only saw one yesterday for the first time! Just wondered if its always random spawning or not
  6. I have to say I am not a task person. I complete them without even trying! But from what you are saying could it possibly be a glitch? If others are also struggling with the task then maybe there is a gremlin kicking around somewhere in the system...
  7. Farming herbs can be profitable. Need to work the herb patches and teleport between farming areas to make it worthwhile with regards to the amount of time you put into it
  8. In my opinion anyone who is not a newbie to Runescape would never fall for such a lame attempt at a scam...
  9. Please don't judge but I am just about to start Dungeoneering. I have not done anything on the skill so far and am literally about to start this skill. Is there anyone skilled in this that may have some starter tips for me?
  10. Just wondered what others think is the quickest way to level up in mining. To give you some indication I am currently level 66 mining but it is dragging whilst training!
  11. Partyhats are one of the most expensive items on Runescape according to the Grand Exchange. I want to know if any of you have one, if so do you use it for anything other than showing off to other players how wealthy you are? Also has anyone ever sold one and if so was the price higher or lower than their current value on the Grand Exchange?
  12. I read something on the Jagex site towards the end of last year that there wasn't any new skills planned for 2012. As far as I understand it they are keeping to this. Not sure where you heard rumors of a new skill?
  13. Can't believe people are talking about working on a single skill for like 2 - 3 years constantly! WOW..... This would be soul destroying and boring. This would surely take the fun out of the game? I have to vary the skills I work on otherwise I get fed up and don't enjoy the game. Talking of working on one skill for like 3 years at a time is hardcore!
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