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  1. That is your opinion, not everyones goal is max xp/h. I like to collect all emotes and clothes before doing stuff like that. I feel the same way as you about this, essiw... It's always good to have a few pieces of Random Event clothing and some Emotes at option for that odd occasion or something. :thumbsup: ~D. V. "Sentimental Value of Cosmetic Clothing and Emotes shouldn't be forgotten..." Devnull i haven't seen someone wearing random event related clothing in runescape for the longest time. i thought everyone just collected it all and never touched it. ever.
  2. Laying down hurts your neck. And females aren't supposed to lay on their stomachs cuz of their boobs, so that excludes .1% of the rs population. 0%* i sit sort of laid back, and on occasion i will sit in a more acute posture, as hedge said, with my head resting on my left hand, but i don't think i could ever sit at a 90 degree angle and be able to keep it up for so long. it's ridiculously uncomfortable.
  3. looks like dunge is one of the fastest ways to lose friends!
  4. the-whisky-bar


    i had an audition for an orchestra today. i did pretty well! very excited about that. and now i am back home to watch the big bang theory, practice more viola, go on tumblr, and maybe play some runescape.
  5. what's the deal with name changing? i wouldn't feel like myself without my original rsn.
  6. we've all been in a situation where someone goes and pretty much steals your spot, whether it be mining at granite rocks, or slaying aviansies for adamant bars. i thought of this, because i was just mining granite, and someone strolls into the spot where i was mining, and without so much as a "how do you do?", they went along and started mining all the rocks in the spot. since i'm a pushover, without saying anything, i simply went along and hopped to another world. but how do you guys deal with these situations?
  7. went through the same thought process, decided it wasn't worth it. :lol: the game's soundtrack was really lacking, imo.
  8. the-whisky-bar


    Phone's for you, it's my status from 2 weeks ago... this joke is so stale but it got a laugh out of me. :thumbup:
  9. i'm p2p, and honestly, with all they've been taking from the f2p players, f2p deserves a free trial.
  10. the santa hat gives no useful stat bonuses, and it's worth 118M. it's for show. the skillcape does, and it's worth 99k. and it's for show. deal with it.
  11. f2p three years ago was better than f2p is now. ouch.
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