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  1. I wish the voyage system timing was more like the release of Farmville to be honest. From lvl 1, you could grow 4hr strawberries, or 12hr fruit, or 24hr fruit with semi-proportional rewards. With RS Ports, you're stuck progressing through the short missions before eventually being left with only long missions. This isn't specifically a complaint, rather feedback for future improvement. Anyone else agree? My suggestion would be to add a duration pulldown menu on voyages. If a base voyage is designed for 2 hours with 1000 resource rewards, the length could be altered with diminishing rewards. For example, increase the duration to 6 hours for 2000 resources, or 12 hours for 3500 resources. Similarly, decrease the duration to 1hr for 250 resources, or 30 minutes for 100 resources. This method discourages altering the suggested voyages designed, while catering to players personal real-life schedule. This suggestions adds an element of strategic timing to the minigame. It allows players to complete all their daily voyages without necessarily spanning the entire duration normally required. Moreover, it begs the question whether to dismiss voyages with suboptimal completion success in favor of extending a 100% voyage for marginally diminished yet guaranteed rewards. This also makes additional reroll expansions desirable for later updates. I also posted this suggestion on the High Level Feedback Forum: Quick find code: 260-261-349-64144073
  2. Video Log 10 - 98 Hunter, Dragon Bones, GE Profits Video Log 10 highlights my Runescape accomplishments over the past 2 months, including 92-98 Hunter, some merchanting profits, various video guides, and announces my first community event! I'd appreciate some feedback regarding the logistics of my community event, which is an open gilded altar leading up to my max cape with only 4 levels to go. How should I stream the event? Also, relevant links to the video follow: http://akwasprs.com/armored-zombies-guide/ http://akwasprs.com/runespan-soul-esswraith-guide/ http://akwasprs.com/queen-black-dragon-tactics/ http://akwasprs.com/fish-flingers-guide/ http://akwasprs.com/barrel-monkeys/
  3. Barrel of Monkeys is a consumable vanity item reward from the squeal wheel of fortune for a limited time back during the "Mad May" wild weekends monkey madness that Runescape was promoting. Basically it is a single use item that can be placed anywhere and releases half a dozen monkeys for half a minute. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] I didn't realize that the item isn't reusable and accidentally expended it while filming for my next video log. Regardless, enjoy the footage of little brown monkeys scurrying around Edgville. This older thread seems the most appropriate location for my post.
  4. http://akwasprs.com/flaming-skull-giveaway/ Im giving away a Flaming Skull vanity item alongside a 90 membership card purchased from Gamestop to a lucky subscriber in Julys giveaway! To enter, leave comment in the video feedback section of this post on the AKwaspRS.com website and a winner will be randomly selected in 2 weeks on July 14th. Likes, favorites, etc. of this video areappreciated, and you must also be a subscriber of my YouTube channel to win. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  5. Armoured Zombies offer incredibly fast afkable XP rates for all players looking to train combat stats, whether low-leveled or high-leveled. The key to this fast training is that the zombies themselves are only lvl 85, near an altar, aggressive, and weak to slash. The weakness to slash makes your best scimitar or abbysal whip or even chaotic rapiers extremely accurate for fast kills. Moreover, the nearby altar offers easy prayer regeneration for lower leveled players who may opt for protection prayers, and strength, chivalry, piety, turmoil etc. for everyone else. Their constant aggressiveness makes training afk effortless, while their undead nature makes the salve amulet super effective. Access to the Armored Zombies is unlocked during the Defender of Varrock quest, effectively setting the requirements at: 59 mining, 54 smithing, 51 hunter, 51 agility. With such low requirements, relatively low leveled players can powerlevel on these monsters. Additionally, these lvl 85 monsters yield 340xp (str/att/def) + 113xp (health) = 453xp per kill resulting in xp rates well over 150k xp/hr for higher leveled players. Check my supporting video for timed trials verifying these rates. Armored Zombies are undead and therefore the Enchanted Salve Amulet increases player's attack and strength by 20% when fighting. This bonus stacks with Void Knight armor, effectively granting a total bonus of +10% Damage, +69% Strength, +50% Attack and +25% Defense, making 2-hit KO's a frequent occurrence for high leveled players, and greatly increasing damage output from weaker players. Check my supporting video for obtaining the Salve Amulet (e). My recommendations for equipment are illustrated in the video, but generally wearing full Void melee with the Salve Ammy (e) and your best weapon/ defender combination will result in devastating results. If you find yourself getting hit too frequently through Void robes or simply dislike wasting prayer potions, high defense armor like Bandos works wonders while only minimally reducing your effectiveness in exchange for greater afk-ability. If your defense is too low, try protection prayers coupled with some proselyte armor or monk robes. Remember to turn on "auto-retaliate" and bring a bonecrusher or herbicide if you've got them. While overloads are best, extreme potions or even super potions are very beneficial to bring along for added damage. The real benefit of training on these zombies now is that in a few months high leveled players won't be here since the combat rework will reduce experience for anyone lvl 135+ so it's best to max out those combat stats today! On the flip side, you'll be able to utilize dual weapons and new abilities powered by adrenaline. permalink: http://akwasprs.com/...-zombies-guide/
  6. Video Log 09 - 99 Slayer! Dungeoneering Toolbelt, Chewed Bones, Trekking Published on April 13, 2012 by AKwaspRS In video log 09, I achieved 99 Slayer! I claimed my trimmed skillcape from Kuradel and make a guide of tasks. Only 91 Hunter and 96 Prayer stand in the way of my Maxed Cape, and 103 Dungeoneering for Comp Cape. I also made myself some high tier promethium equipment for the dungeoneering update, namely prom pickaxe and hatchet. This was very simple with 99 skills and should prove very helpful on my road to 120 Dung. There have been 5 Chewed Bones staring at me in the bank for ages, so I decided to finally put those ancient barbarian spirits to rest. As expected, the loot wasn't good and the spirits are just as fickle about giving away DFH's as Mithril Dragons. Finally, check out my April Giveaway! Relevant links below: Link to 99 Slayer Task Guides: http://akwasprs.com/99-slayer-guide-kuradel-tasks/
  7. Video Log 08 - Armadyl Battlestaff, Farseer Kiteshield, Easter, Temple Trekking, Morytania XP Lamps, Ganodermic Beasts Published on Apr 9, 2012 by AKwaspRS In video log 08, I cover a few past achievements that haven't made previous video logs; namely crafting an Aramdyl Battlestaff and buying a Farseer Kiteshield. I also claim my XP from Morytania easy, medium, hard, and early bird reward lamps. After a short plug for my Ganodermic Beast Guide, I show off my progress towards completion of the Temple Trekking minigame, my only unfinished requirement for the elite task and re-unlock of my Taskmaster emote.
  8. I also wanted to link to this challenge video I made, depicting how incredibly powerful my Goliath Gloves method truly is! I was able to take down the Corp in Solo with all my stats brewed down to 0 consistently!
  9. The Flaming Skull looks absolutely mental!
  10. Unless you are gone for some reason, the update is supposed to launch september. That's all of july and august. Yes this gives you plenty of time all summer to train up your combat stats with legacy tactics. However the trend in Runescape over the past decade has been to make training easier, so I'd be surprised if the new combat system doesn't offer newer, better training methods between stronger weapons and offensive abilities.
  11. To begin a match of Fish Flingers, find the Fisherman at any of the following locations: Fishing Guild, Catherby beach, Shilo Village, Piscatoris, Barbarian Village, North-west of Lumbridge, South-east of Lumbridge Swamp, Draynor Village, Burthorpe, Burgh de Rott The fisherman will offer to teleport you to the Fish Flingers island within 5 minutes before the start of a competition. Games last 10 minutes, with a time of 10 minutes between each game. 4 Fish Flinger Medals offer bonus points to your total score: Junior Angler - Find the perfect tackle for three species Master Angler - Find the perfect tackle for all six species Heavy Catch - At least 80% of fish caught being of the heaviest species Efficient Fisher - Obtain an average catch rating of 80% or higher for each species
  12. http://forum.tip.it/topic/311954-fish-flingers-guide-video-akwasprs/
  13. Video Log 7 - 99 Runecrafting! & Buying Auras (Loyalty Rewards Discount) Published on Mar 31, 2012 by AKwaspRS In this video log 07, I achieve the epic lvl 99 Runecrafting skillcape! Woot! I also get a great value out of the discounted auras in the Loyalty Rewards Program Shop, unlocking Greater Runic Accuracy & Greater Sharpshooter (both tier 2 from 0).
  14. QBD isn't too hard when you have solid tactics: http://forum.tip.it/topic/311674-queen-black-dragon-tactics-day-of-release-video/ [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  15. Queen Black Dragon QBD TACTICS: Day of Release - Runescape AKwaspRS [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] As promised, I took down the Queen Black Dragon on day of release and here's a video highlighting some of the important tactics involved during the fight. The QBD is one of the strongest boss monsters in Runescape and cannot be killed with a team, only solo. While bring a plathora of potions in a Yak might seem like a safe idea for newbies, likely deaths will result in loosing all those potions. I recommend forgoing Yaks in favor of Steel Titans, which will output significant damage during the fight. "The best defense is a strong offense." In this guide I don't use Nex armor or Spirit Shields, just ordinary Ganodermic Armor with a Farseer Kiteshield and Chaotic Rapier. Inventory includes 20 Saradomin Flasks and 4 Super Restores, although many are superfluous. Don't forget an Overload and Super Anti-fire, and monitor the chat window so they remain active at all times. I also like to bring Dreadnips along for increased DPS. The video illustrates all 4 phases, so listen to my guide for more information. Some of the best rewards include the Dragon Kiteshield and pieces of the Royal Crossbow, all of which are worth several millions of GP at this time. Alongside such rare loots include a guaranteed loot every kill of 5 dragon bones, some royal dragonhides and royal bolts, alongside plenty of coins and potions. QBD is definitely a challenge, but it's also fun! Check back to my channel later for a proper guide - these tactics should help for now. Leave questions in the comments and I'll try to answer as best as possible. GL boss hunting!
  16. I'm excited! Going to quickly do quest and knock out some QBDs Edit: Threw together a guide: http://forum.tip.it/topic/311674-queen-black-dragon-tactics-day-of-release-video/
  17. Video Log 6.5 - Morytania Elite Taskmaster Rewards: Legs & XP Lamp Published on Apr 20, 2012 by AKwaspRS Finally re-unlocked my Taskmaster emote after almost of month of Temple Trekking! This video illustrates the Morytania elite rewards of legs and XP lamps. This is a video response to my original vlog 6 with Morytania Hard Task Rewards + Medium & Easy Legs (Early Bird)
  18. No reason the games can't coexist. I won't be jumping ship, will you?
  19. Video Log 6 - Morytania Hard Task Rewards + Medium & Easy Legs (Early Bird) Published on Mar 28, 2012 by AKwaspRS In this video log 06, I demonstrate the Morytania Hard Task Achievement update rewards, as well as the early bird bonus from Medium and Easy diary. The armor stats are depicted and my impressions of the new tasks are shared. Once I complete Temple Trekking, I'll update the elite rewards as video log 6.5 If you're stuck on any task, ask below and I'll answer as soon as possible. There were a few tricky parts, but I addressed the worst trolls in the video. Easy Lamp = 4,000 XP (additional 4k XP during Early Bird) Medium Lamp = 10,000 XP (extra 10k XP during Early Bird) Hard Lamp = 20,000 XP sub-total = 48,000 XP Elite Lamp = 140,000 XP (50k + 50k + 40k individual lamps) Claim your rewards at: Easy: Hiylik Myna (south of Slayer Tower) Medium: Robin the Ranger (Port Phasmatys) Hard: Strange Old Man (Barrows) Elite: Old Man Ral (Meiyerditch) Additional video logs & commentaries: ----------------------------------------------------- To avoid huge headaches later, properly prepare your items & equipment in your bank or BOB. Carry a ring of wealth for easy GE teleport in case you forget something. Start at GE and purchase: 3 silver sickles (2 unblessed for blisterwood polearm, 1 blessed for flail of Ivandis) 2 mithril bars + silver bar + 2 cosmics + sapphire + emerald (if crafting flail of Ivandis) 1 steel bar (for cannonballs) Law + air for telegrab (Normal Magicks are preferred) 16 cooking apples + 4 buckets + pot (easiest to buy from RFD Lumbridge chest) note: avoids barley malt Small fishing net + rope -- to hunt swamp lizard Restore potion (3) + garlic + silver dust (or grind silver bar at ectofungus) for Guthix Balance Teak Pyre Log (for Vyre corpse) Fiyr Shade Remains + Magic Pyre Log 1 full set of Barrows (easiest to buy additional equipment to finish a set already owned) Carry with the following equipment + BOB: Teleports: Ectophial, Home Tab (for Canifis) Drakan's medallion, Slayer ring, Tokkul-Zo (Fairy Ring: ALQ) wolfbane dagger (Drezel under church) blessed silver sickle w/ druid pouch amulet of ghostspeak OR cramulet ring of charos 5 ecto-tokens Wicked Hood (for Blood Altar teleport) Crystal-mine key (check your key ring) First plant your farming seeds, then proceed to tasks: Easy: LIMPWURT Medium: BITTERCAP MUSHROOM Elite: FELSTALK + MORCHELLA MUSHROOM
  20. Additional Data provided by GODEL (trusted source, quoted with permission) @99 rc: ~1000 nats/hr (43.5k xp, 1500 points) (43.5/1.5) ~825 laws/hr (44.5k xp, 1400 points) (54/1.7) ~690 deaths/hr (41.4k xp, 1725 points) (60/2.5) ~635 bloods/hr (46.3k xp, 1905 points) (73.5/3) ~520 souls/hr (55.6k xp, 1820 points) (107/3.5) For xp: SOUL > blood > law > nat > death For points: BLOOD > soul > death > nat > law These ratesare accurate for normal spawns without using kill-less method (click -> wait til die -> click again) The rates and runes/hr are higher if you're doing it without killing them (click them again before you get 10 runes, they never die)
  21. Additional Data provided by GODEL (trusted source, quoted with permission) @99 rc: ~1000 nats/hr (43.5k xp, 1500 points) (43.5/1.5) ~825 laws/hr (44.5k xp, 1400 points) (54/1.7) ~690 deaths/hr (41.4k xp, 1725 points) (60/2.5) ~635 bloods/hr (46.3k xp, 1905 points) (73.5/3) ~520 souls/hr (55.6k xp, 1820 points) (107/3.5) For xp: SOUL > blood > law > nat > death For points: BLOOD > soul > death > nat > law These ratesare accurate for normal spawns without using kill-less method (click -> wait til die -> click again) The rates and runes/hr are higher if you're doing it without killing them (click them again before you get 10 runes, they never die)
  22. I've put together a guide for Runespan: Soul EssWraith Guide for Fastest AFK Runecrafting Experience on Day of Release 60-50k xp/hr @ 99 RC, give or take 5k [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] http://forum.tip.it/topic/310694-runespan-soul-esswraith-guide-video-akwasprs/
  23. Runespan: Soul EssWraith Guide for Fastest AFK Runecrafting Experience on Day of Release 60-50k xp/hr @ 99 RC, give or take 5k [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] Bring a Wicked Hood to Teleport to Runespan 6 paths to 2x Soul EssWraith Island: Siphon: Air Runes from Air Essling (South) Small Missle Platform Siphon: Chaos Runes from Chaos Elemental (West) Missle Platform (West) Second Missle Platform Climb Up Bone Ladder Siphon: Body, Water, Earth, & Nature Runes from Esslings (East) Mist Platform Siphon: Death Runes for EssWraith (North) Vine Platform Siphon: Blood Runes for EssWraith (North) Greater Missle Platform You're reached your final destination! Additional information included in video voice-over.
  24. Video Log 05 - Lodestone Network, Bakriminel Bolts, Taskmaster Published on Mar 26, 2012 by AKwaspRS In this video log 05, I unlock all the teleport locations for the recent Lodestone Network update, and demonstrate Bakriminel Bolt Fletching by chopping the Soul Wars' Bloodwood Tree. I also take a final look at the Taskmaster emote before tomorrow's Morytania Elite Task/ Diary update; since I've never done Temple Trekking, it's unlikely I'll re-unlock the emote anytime soon. Also here is a link to my birthday bonus video! I opened up 10 Ancient Effigies, March's Troll Invasion Reward Book, and a Jack of Trades Reward Book for a grand total of 1.15 Million Overall Experience! 600k is Runecrafting experience, and around 250k is Hunter XP. Now I'm only 29k XP from 99 Runecrafting.
  25. Video Log 04 - Bonus XP Rewards: 90 Hunter + Mass Profit Published on Mar 22, 2012 by AKwaspRS In this 4th video log, I achieve some epic levels including 90 Hunter, and make some massive profit from merching potions in the GE over the Bonus Experience Weekend. I also received a ton of Herblore Habitat minigame herb seeds, which will be useful if I ever decide to make Juju potions, although I'm already maxed in all supported skills. These levels and seeds were rewarded from hunting 3140 jadinkos over the weekend, 2671 of which where Draconics, or roughly 85% FYI for anyone who wants to track my potion profit: http://[Censored - Don't use a URL shortner]/jPuMC
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