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  1. i hit it with a bronze dagger 71hp and the wall laughed and i said o really? i took out an ags and special attacked and now his oh Sh*t y??? 60hp
  2. You will step out your door and you will get shot and an officer will tell you we thought you were our suspect and then 5 minutes later they will realize you were their suspect and will kill you.
  3. You will get attacked from an ags special attack
  4. i give the wall an AGS special attack 30hp
  5. ADVERTISER: Which company is advertising on behalf of the bad ad? Gold4Fun LANDING URL: Copy the full ad URL (right click the link and select copy link location) http://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=BhgqDnV9KT8hj1MLaBZKZ8K0JyMPAwQOg_-2DPvDz75pFsLqIAxABGAEgq8G2HzgAUK6O9-T9_____wFgycapi8Ck2A-gAbiQ68UDsgEKd3d3LnRpcC5pdLoBCjE2MHg2MDBfYXPIAQLaARxodHRwOi8vd3d3LnRpcC5pdC9ydW5lc2NhcGUvgAIBqQJ_XgBVAVCFPsgCmMiqL6gDAcgDFegDpwfoA-4E6AMp9QMACADM9QMAAAAQyAQBiAYBoAYC&num=1&cid=5GiRu-ccvy-2SM6WjMG2X4LM&sig=AOD64_0mf_72s1y9tbw_CnjPxUA5ShlacQ&client=ca-pub-1272200637243263&adurl=http://www.Gold4Fun.com/Runescape-gold.html&nm=8 TYPE: Top Banner OR Side Banner side SITE: What is the name of the site/product being advertised? gold4fun.com MY LOCATION: Which country do you live in? USA REASON: What is wrong with the advertisement? selling rs gold
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