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  1. Right i forgot the whole point..Facepalm
  2. How do yo lose items to someone crashing your internet?
  3. A guy in my class was botting in class to show me.. (he had his own website, i train your account blabla levels for blabla money, they didnt know he simply used bots..)
  4. You doubled my amount of friends!! awmg

  5. You get to swallow. Its not smart to eat pancakes because..
  6. 26 its not invalid as you dont have to do nor have to stop cookie pls.
  7. This would only make it all more fair. as the rich people wont do this, boring thing, to gain money. =P
  8. Carbi


    I have that too star..does punching really work?? And i have it since the exp weekend..lawl :$ Why is it my left shoulder eventho i play with right?
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