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  1. I don't understand why people wouldn't bring at least a prayer potion. I was the first person in Warband PK to get a wand last night after they made that rule change and was able to drink a dose and turn on prayer before anyone got off a hit.
  2. It'll depend alot upon what your trying to do. If your just going for fast kills i'd go in with void and either your best dual wielding melle weapons and use momentum if you plan on afking, or for slightly faster kills your maul. and bring your chaotic staff and runes just for stuff weak to mage. for range i bring royal crossbow and if you want something cheaper bring a crystal bow. Overloads aren't worth it. Just use super medallion, some prayer potions, and some food. I use a Uni with scrolls, but an elemental titan might speed up kills and offer slight healing I did this post EOC, but i think it'll still be a great tactic if your trying to get unlock everything like i was. First unlock the achiements that require you to reach certain floors to unlock dominion sword and crossbow. (use something other than void for climber if you want since they can disable chestplates) Then just go in to endurance mode with void and the above set up. get a kill claim reward repeat. (this is to claim all the journal pages by the time you reach 450 kills) Keep any bombs and dominion weapons you get, but you can turn any potions and food into xp. After collecting all 20 journal pages, start aiming to last as long as you can to beat the upper level bosses. Id try with the same equipment, but some bosses will require some different setups. As you get closer to 400 kills i'd start changing your inventory to best fit the bosses you have left. If you have any questions for specific bosses or anything just post here or pm me in game and i can try to help
  3. If i had to choose between a lore and 250 gun powder with having a better chance on the lore which should i go for? The gunpowder would be really usefull.. but if the lores are limited and it give a greater chance of scroll later on i'd prolly do that but idk if that works... anyone done the lores yet?
  4. Nothing died when qbd "went back to sleep" Happens when you get time-stoped at the same time you hit the last crystal
  5. Sunfreet is also alot easier now. Just a pretty long fight. I beat her using a crystal bow and an invy full of sharks. although i couldnt hit above 500 even using abilities and crits.
  6. That doesnt work on bosses, i let him hit her first several times and i got most of the drops. Also she drops just over 5.4k xp for killing her, whenever i got 2.7k xp i lost the kill, anythign 2.8k xp and over the kill was mine. So unless xp drops arent based off of damage anymore, she still drops to whoever did the most damage
  7. Sara is weak to water spells so that's all i've really done so far. Really easy duo now even without Soul Split. My partner tried ice barrage the first trip and I kept outhitting him. Also, If you are duoing and don't want to tank the entire trip, DO NOT TAKE OFF YOUR SARA ITEM.
  8. I Think she has a crush on me :) 4th drop in less than 150 kills
  9. Quit for a few months when school started back up, needed something to do after a stressful week of tests. 1st kill on friday was a vesta spear, now this
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