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  1. Ok. Once I'm done sprinting my game, I'll post a video. It might be a little while because I'm still waiting on my back sprite that I had commissioned.
  2. Is it bad that I just now realized who those two crazy looking people in your avatar are?

  3. I had the best [bleep]ing dream ever last night. Ever.
  4. I really dislike CTF. It just seems to drag on forever... You should check out CP Foundary, KOTH Harvest, and PL Badwater if you haven't already. They are just great maps.
  5. Major Dash


    My dad brought me home some monitors to try out with my computer to see if my graphics card can even handle them. Luckily they all work with my comput, even the big ones. It looks like I'm good to go get myself a new monitor of my choosing then. :thumbup:
  6. Tip for you... Try attacking the boss before it dies. At masses like the TMHT events, you won't have any issues or have to worry about dying.
  7. Major Dash


    There wasn't anything religious about my post?
  8. Major Dash


    Accepting one of your children as a homosexual and respecting their decisions has nothing to do with whether the parents agree with the decision at all.
  9. Oh lol. I guess it autosigned this account in for some reason.... I didn't even notice lol.
  10. You have a non-existent social life outside of these forums, you often post things that are hard for the majority of /fg/ers to understand, and you seem to have a lack of sympathy for the human race in general. TNPW explain why the mouse in Lokie's signature is making a bad decision.
  11. I fit that build I suppose. The Next Poster Must read Ezee's post.
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