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  1. to be honest? just buy some keys.
  2. I cant help but post. Instant 90 boost? Wow.
  3. Someone rich just buy runescape out? It is so easily profitable. Just dont screw up the game. Call elon musk or zuckerberg or something. Bill ackman? Hello! Where r u?
  4. The game IS for 11 years old. I think u need to realise this. YOU are too old.
  5. just do a few rubbish skills like singing, cheering, sailing, soccer, shooting, go ahead jagex, impress me. Didnt realised it was an old thrend, why unlock it. Btw he was truly a genius. Miss it completely. Lovemaking is the next skill.
  6. More important is who is the first to 5.4b?
  7. Yeah you cant please everyone. Im very impressed by your gains btw. Cheers.
  8. You can ask Jagex. But i guess its possible that they keep track.
  9. But clearly with so many players at 5.2bil, there is demand to up the cap (:
  10. Success is climbing fast. Anyway Jagex should raise cap for skills to 1 bil exp. Why not.
  11. Their new skill should be called keying. One key = 10 exp. At 99, 13 mil exp or about 100k bonds, there would be a finale called transition to real life.
  12. I cant speak for Zarfot but if you truly love the game, you will stick around.** Change is part of the game. Nothing stays the same or is forever. I think when he rage quit, he failed to take into account the real life implications of the game* and im sure he will appreciate it better now. *Jagex is a company and needs money. Thats why there is SOF to support the servers, the staff and the CEOs fat paycheck. They could also close runescape one day if they wanted to. (be it lack of demand or if they wanted to promote a new game) **Runescape is like an old dog/cat. It will die one day but im willing to stick around til the end.
  13. So Jagex doesnt allow cheating....erm ok. Just buy bonds if you want it so badly. Then you wouldn't be pure F2P so it would defeat the purpose! You mean F2Ps dont play daily spins?
  14. Update: They all gaining XP! In other words, nobody cares. Ok. Got it.
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