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  1. Might be quicker to kill goblins for easy clues. I did a lot of easy clues about a half year ago, I got them -indeed- by pickpocketing HAM people, which is, on average, 15-30 secs for a new clue scroll. then it takes about ~5 mins to finish it, maybe even less, if you're lucky with the ammount of steps you get. I'm not sure if killing goblins (maybe with a cannon?) is faster. 10-12 an hour seems already pretty fast to me.
  2. Actually, I was hoping for a new novel announcement. I'm not going to put any spoilers here, but the third - and last released [2012] - book, Legacy of Blood, left some questions unanswered, and the end of the novel provided information which could be the start of a fourth book... Edit: I went a bit off topic here, after reading the Runefest Line up/reading this topic. I looked for a Runefest discussion but can't seem to find it.
  3. You're not the only one ;) somehow after I found out ten tickets didn't get me a golden gs I did not want to playing RS for the rest of the day.
  4. 4 king black dragon kills yield 7k slayer exp and 7 reaper points.
  5. Is that an easy? if that is a hard i can't top it. easy i don't have a picture to top it so i guess it didn't happen. Damn ~~~legoman187~~~ It is indeed an easy, but still. This one is by far my worst, outclassing my previous worst (also an easy clue) by about 627gp ;)
  6. It's time for a new game! Who can get an even worse treasure trail reward than this one? I'm trying to completely fill my treasure chest in my poh, and sometimes you stumble across these gems...oh well, approx. 5 mins work each clue :)
  7. Went on a field trip to Kree'Ara last weekend. The drops might seem nothing special to a lot of you, but it was overwhelming for us, as we spend days camping gwd without a simple drop months ago...I remember our last trip to Krill (a few months ago): 7hrs straight camping in the boss room: lots of common drops, not a single armour/weapon piece at all..Their was not much desire left to return ever again to any of the gwd bosses, untill last weekend and - finally - with succes, best trip ever :) The 2 helmets where b2b drops :)
  8. Cashed in my daily task after the update. September already? Time flies when you're having fun.
  9. Lol! It happened to men too: Not sure if this happened on the same date, I took this image on 17-5-2007.. edit: nvm, i just saw yours happened in 2005...took them only 2 years to fix the bug :P
  10. Old picture time? ok :) ^man, was the drunken dwarf annoying back then. ^first thing I bought when I became a member: red boots. oh yes, and a rune halberd. ^a bit more recent, nonetheless old..
  11. ^This. They never learn. de ja vu all over again.
  12. Imokwiththis. Sold another one for 400k. They appear to be rare, not as rare as dragon, tho.
  13. ...aaaand done. again :') Now let's hope I won't loose the power to wear my max cape within a week, like last time, when div was released..
  14. Everyone was getting good stuff of the sof while treasure hunting, so I asked my self "Wynaut me?" untill this morning: [hide] [/hide] it's probably gonna rest in my bank forever, but it's nice to have it ;)
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