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  1. And that has anything to do with what he is posting how?
  2. Not really, they have about the same number of players...front page is both games.
  3. Yea I find it pretty hard to believe that they don't have an '11 or early '12 scape version as well...not very good version control practices...
  4. 134,500 total active players right now...I don't think runescape has seen those kind of numbers since before EOC-scape, maybe even longer (don't really remember).
  5. That isn't the problem...obviously someone would have trained it by now if you could just to be rank 1. Players aren't capable of buying a POH right now, that is why no one can train it.
  6. As a software engineer I do have some expertise in this and I can tell you that if they follow proper version control practices then it should be just that easy. I have been working on a project for years, and even though the software has been continuously updated, at any point I could look at a copy of the software from the beginning of the project by simply using a different "view". Just google software version control.
  7. Haha thanks but the less people see me in-game the better :P Door resets are very annoying and slow down a lot, I better just stay low untill I am close to 5B. Tbh I was never planning to come back but so many players quit after EOC so it was easy to find empty worlds for hunter and ofc quitting for over 2 months helped a lot too. Anyway I will post more after 5B unless Jagex decides to troll with new skills. Tbh if they released a new skill right now it would be a huge relief for me, could finally stop worrying about getting 5B XP. 5,2B or 5,4B just isn't the same. So many things have changed over the years since I decided to get 200M all skills, this isn't the same game anymore. Haven't been in a long time. I am 99,9999% sure I won't be getting 99/200M 1st in the new skills, also people will be buying spins. I don't know if I will even get comp cape, feels kinda pointless. Jagex could just keep adding any reqs and maybe even sof/solomon req even though they said they wouldn't do it during their livestream but nothing surprises me anymore. I never cared much about capes anyway, back when I started playing there was no skill capes etc or things like that. Maybe I will do video series about getting comp cape or something, who knows. If it wasn't for YouTube I would have quit long time ago. Anyway just gonna take one day at a time as always haha. So true...the game has changed so much and most of it is not for the better. It's gotten really hard to like JAGEX and the direction they are going with this game. I hope you keep at it and make it to 5B xp cuz it would be pretty epic, but I totally get where you are coming from. On a related note: XP waste? :wink: Lol, j/k
  8. It seems like they should implement an inactivity timer like they did for soul wars to prevent loafing. But then again, this would make the trimmed comp cape infinitely harder to achieve as actually participating in 5000 games of castle wars would be so mind numbing that I don't think anyone could survive it without turning into a vegetable.
  9. Oh, didn't realize you were talking pure F2P. You may be right then.
  10. My mouth was literally open reading this news post........I mean I know they have gone back on their word many many times now, but....just wow Jagex. Bonus XP weekends are NO GOOD!!! That is why we decided not to have them anymore, REMEMBER??? It was only a few months ago, I didn't think you would have forgotten already...
  11. Dual wield has exclusive abilities as well. Granted there are less of them than 2h, and (in my opinion) are underpowered in comparison to 2h. But still, you can't really say that it has the exact same ability rotation as sword-and-shield.
  12. Was there a post for details on the wilderness update??? I didn't see it as part of the patch notes on the previous page.
  13. I think he was talking about the wilderness. Have areas that are "glacor-multilike", then have other areas where it is free-for-all multicombat. Similar to the way the wildy is set up now.
  14. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice finally a solution for multi pvp!!! Excited to see what they came up with...
  15. One every week is better than 1 every 2-3 days like they were doing for a while.
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