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  1. Nice! I'm going to be working on 99 firemaking soon aswell
  2. Maxing Thread Hey everyone it's vigilantiee here or vigi for short. It's been my goal to max for a few mths now. At first it was very slow starting but now I've got the ball rolling it's much faster. Over the next few mths (or however long it takes to max) i'll be posting here as often as i can. History I started playing Runescape because of friends at school. It was year 4 of school (9 years old). Very quickly i began to pass all of my friends in levels, amount of money and knowledge of the game. At this point i found out i loved mmos and to-date they are still my favorite type of games. I've played other mmos like world of warcraft but none of them ever matched to runescape so i kept on playing that. I got to year 6 (11 years old) and no-one really played anymore other then the first friend that showed me the game. At this point he was thinking about quitting the game. Also at the point i got hacked and lost my account, only being 11 years old and not knowing much about pc's and viruses plus rats i lost my first account forever. The name of it i still remember. Rune will6. Funny name hah :). So friend saw that i got hacked and very upset and gave me his account and then he quit forever. Never to play on it again. A few times at school he would ask me how i was doing and i always said very good. The account he gave me wasn't as good as my one before but it was better then a level 3 account with no stats. My friend who i'm going to call Henry (first name in my head), was very focused on getting money so when Henry gave me the account it had about 3m on it which i then spent hah. As time goes on i keep playing through high school, which i still am. I'm in year 10 at this moment(15 years old). In the 4 year time period i worked very hard and getting levels, quests and gaining money. I actual invited Henry round to my house to watch me get 99 woodcutting which i was very proud of and took me awhile to get. I chopped yews till about 90 then did ivys when they were released into the game. Since then i haven't gone for any 99s till 3 mths ago and i've been going for 99 fishing, rocktails ofc, before the fishing i worked on gaining rounded skills and money. Which i've never had alot of because of spending it. The most money i've ever owned on rs was only 65m and i spent that very quickly and skills like herb+prayer. In 2011 i half quit rs (logged on like once a week and played for around 2 hours) for a couple of mths to play private severs. The first sever i played properly is rank 3 atm on runelocus toplist, not gonna name em myself. I played this sever for around 4 mths. I became very rich on it by using the duel arena and flipping items. I would hold alot of hide and seek games and the winners would get around 500m (not real rs cash). But in the end i found the severs community slowly dying a bit so i quit and left for a new server. Again i'm not going to name this sever but at the moment it's rank 1 on runelocus toplist. I played this one for around 7mths. I had so much fun on it. I joined a pvm clan and very quickly became co-owner of it. I still talked to the owner of the clan nowadays, he quit the server aswell. I met a guy on the server i'm going to call mart. I would talk to Mart in skype for up to 9 hours aday. Anyway like the other server i quit because the owner of it was screwing it. So me and Mart played Runescape again (2012). But after along time of talking and playing wow and rs with him. He stole all the cash on my account. How did he get on my account? I can't remember what puzzle it was but i couldn't do it and he said he knew how so i'd talked to him for a year so i trusted him. Bad me. Like i said he stole all the money i had, 40m cash+25m in items. But i carried on and rebuilt. Videos So i make vids on the channel youtube.com/runerapier I make a series called SkillScape where i record some clips of me skilling and put it too music. I also do other stuff though :) Week 0 Overall xp: 86,737,282 Total level: 2,050
  3. Eos (evolution of summoning) is coming after eoc so they will be made better i hope
  4. Call of the sea, way more profit in the higher onces
  5. Anywhere that you camp and the bank is awhile away or getting back takes forever
  6. Unlucky mate, its never happened to me thank god
  7. Hey, just joined this forum today. 29.9.12 I've played runescape for 7 years and my account is around 5.7 years old (5 years+7mths) I've played the game on and off for 4 years pretty much. But the last 4 mths I've enjoyed it alot more.
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