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  1. Plank Make with lunar spells, you'll make money. As for your ADHD watch a TV show at the same time.
  2. hdis

    Is SwiftKit safe?

    Yes, I've been using it for three years ^_^
  3. Ok, welp. Guess I have to get more then!
  4. Hello, I am a one defense pure and I already have 99 mage. I was wondering how many chinchompas (roughly) I would need to go from level 80-99 range during double exp weekend.
  5. Double exp weekend I have to work one day, and then the next I plan on ranging a bit with chins before going back to iron knives
  6. Hello, I am currently 27 thieving and I need to raise it for Desert Treasure and I personally want 55 thieving. What is the fastest way to train thieving? Thanks in advanced!
  7. Hello, I'm Howdoiskill; I am a pure/skiller. I am currently working on becoming a maxed out pure and essentially this is my blog towards that! I will be posting pictures and eventually videos of various level ups that I feel are worth "celebrating." Also, I will eventually be uploading pking videos. [spoiler=Bank Oct 2012] [spoiler=Magic level ups] [spoiler=Current Goals] [spoiler=pk loot] I will be uploading loots onto an imgur album. http://imgur.com/a/f8ArP#0
  8. hdis

    Spell Cast Calculator

    I could write one in python (a programming language) and distribute it so people could see it, if there is interest in it.
  9. hdis

    99 Herblore

    Hmm fair enough, just wondering how much money I will lose or if I will break even. I definitely want 99 in the long run :/
  10. hdis

    99 Herblore

    How much does 99 herblore cost (relatively) after you sell all the potions back that you made?
  11. Yeah, double exp will not stack with altars. You can add me in game too if you want to talk more about it :D
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