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  1. Firstly I would like to say thanx to "jaklumen", "Sy_Accursed" & "D. V. Devnull" - your comments are well put and insightful. Also, "Slayer_Jesse" - thanx for the videos, especially pt 2 (very touching) - they made me think of things a little differently. I personally think that each person who want/needs to quit gaming (whether it be RS or any other game) needs to look upon their own reasons, not just someone else saying "You should quit because....". I am 43 and have been playing RS since 2005 (off and on - I have quit & come back a few times) - but my reasons for doing so have and always will be my own. Now, speaking based on my own personal experience with RS (and based on comments from the videos posted by Slayer_Jesse) if you want to quit playing - or just take a break. Let your friends know - you don't need to say why, they will miss you sure - but they will also understand that real life takes precedence over games.
  2. This is only a partial list (due to level restrictions). Any help completing it would be greatly appreciated. Raw/Baked Cave Potato: Heals 20 Gissel Mushroom: Heals 60 Edicap Mushroom: Heals ??? Gissel Potato: Heals ??? Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Heim Crab: Heals 200 Heim Crab Potato: Heals 60 Heim Crab & Gissel Potato: Heals 120 Heim Crab & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Red Eye: Heals 200 Red Eye Potato: Heals 260 Red Eye & Gissel Potato: Heals 320 Red Eye & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Dusk Eel: Heals 400 Dusk Eel Potato: Heals 460 Dusk Eel & Gissel Potato: Heals 520 Dusk Eel & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Giant Flatfish: Heals 600 Flatfish Potato: Heals 660 Flatfish & Gissel Potato: Heals 720 Flatfish & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Short-Finned Eel: Heals 800 Short-Finned Eel Potato: Heals 860 Short-Finned Eel & Gissel Potato: Heals 920 Short-Finned Eel & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Web Snipper: Heals 1000 Snipper Potato: Heals 1060 Snipper & Gissel Potato: Heals 1120 Snipper & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Bouldabase: Heals 1200 Bouldabase Potato: Heals 1260 Bouldabase & Gissel Potato: Heals 1320 Bouldabase & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Salve Eel: Heals 1400 Salve Eel Potato: Heals 1460 Salve Eel & Gissel Potato: Heals 1184 (this is accurate - have verified it on 3 different trips below) Salve Eel & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Blue Crab: Heals 1600 Blue Crab Potato: Heals 1660* Blue Crab & Gissel Potato: Heals 1720* Blue Crab & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? Cave Moray: Heals 1800 Moray Potato: Heals 1860* Moray & Gissel Potato: Heals 1920* Moray & Edicap Potato: Heals ??? *If regular formula works THNX! Kaur
  3. Porthiir

    What the??????

    There's always something new and exciting on RS.
  4. Porthiir

    What the??????

    ain't it though! I had even forgotten the second glitch that is still happening. If you'll look closely at my hands, I am supposed to be wielding 2 weapons - 1 fire (defender) and 1 ice main hand dagger - instead, you get a mix of orange and blue in the main hand and nothing in the off-hand.
  5. Porthiir

    What the??????

    I recently encountered a slight graphical error when playing my last dungeon, regarding item placements. It was in the area that requires you to fix a grapple and spin the rope. There was a thieving box directly facing the anvil with no space in between, no matter where I tried from I got the same message "you cannot reach that" Here is the actual screenshot (cropped for posting of course):
  6. Thank you all for very helpful advice. I have started doing Slayer tasks in Canafis - and then sometimes just continue killing for drops (until Inventory full).
  7. Whoops! I forgot to mention Slayer Level (21). Will this method still work?
  8. OK! Here are the Necessary Stats: I have next to no coin (40k or so). What I am looking for is suggestions for both getting charms & How to Level best with Summoning. I will accept any suggestions (Except ones involving any other Non-Combat Skills, and please no suggestions saying, kill this monster til... and then...). I would prefer suggestions matching my current Stats (ie; monsters that I would not have great difficulty killing (Melee preferred) at my current Combat level).
  9. Which method would you recommend? If there's a faster way I really would like to know.
  10. Personally, I used all mine on RC - wanna get the Wicked Top & Massive Pouch.
  11. Perhaps someone else has already posted this (came up with over 1000 hits when searching), but just in case here is my 2 cents worth. Thanks to Jagex's introduction of the Lodestone teleports.... Suggested equipment: Any & all Wicked Gear, Boots of Lightness, Pouches. Start at Burthorpe Bank Chest, Equip (if you have) the Wicked gear & Boots, fill up on Pure Essence (including any pouches you may have), Teleport to the Port Sarim Lodestone, run North East and travel to Entrana (FREE), Run North East to the Law Altar, & Craft your Runes, Teleport back to the Burthorpe Lodestone & Start all over again. This way is very fast, and uses no Runes or charges (on Jewellery). Once again, this has all been made possible by Jagex introducing Lodestone Teleports.
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