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  1. I checked it out, I likey! This will make Lew Zealand's favorite game SOOO much easier! PS If you don't know who Lew Zealand is, you don't know the Muppet Show.
  2. Thank you both for the help. Related question, Where is Ernie, so I can take them to him without getting assist every ten urns?
  3. I was wondering if the skill assist system works for activating skilling urns? If so, then I can get the decorated fishing urns activated that way.
  4. Sirenix

    Heart of Stone

    Is there going to be a Heart of Stone guide at any time in the future?
  5. Yeah, I had made a post a little while ago about it. I think they are looking into what link to redirect it to.
  6. Sirenix

    Hero's Welcome

    In the guide for Hero's Welcome, there is no mention of needing to have completed Barbarian Training. This is one of the prerequisites for starting the quest.
  7. Thank you for passing it on, and for the workaround.
  8. I noticed that the chapel is not in the rooms drop down menu for the construction table.
  9. The God chisels (under any name) are not listed in the guide as a stat boost, or xp boost, unless I some how missed them. I did a ctrl F search for "chisel", and only one listing was found, for limestone blocks.
  10. It is in the section "2. INTO THE DUNGEON"
  11. Near the beginning of the guide there is what looks like it should have been a link to a pic showing the solution to a puzzle, but it is not a link, just text.
  12. No, I meant, if a quest requires, say, 75 cooking, and I have 75 cooking, it shows that the requirement has been met. or if, say, smoking kills is needed, and I have done smoking kills, again, it shows it done. Just like with the quest calculator. I guess what I'm thinking, is to sort of combine the two concepts into one app. Maybe show a met requirement in green, and an unmet one in red.
  13. The link seems to be a dead link, any idea when the new fighting calcs will be available?
  14. All the others require two to three clicks to go from banking to smithing/smelting. Lumby you can have it all withing one click away. Click on bank, click on smelter, wash rinse repeat. I just thought I would mention it because it seems so much easier for me, and thought it may have just been overlooked. Thanks for at least giving the post consideration.
  15. I think Lumbridge should be added as a good spot for smithing training as there is a furnace, anvil, AND bank chest, all in screen range of each other.
  16. If they make it world isolated (IE only in specific worlds) then I am fine with it. I just won't go to those worlds. If they make it everywhere, then I am out. I don't PvP, EVER!
  17. Just a thought, would it be possible to link to stats and quest list, like the quest calculator does, to show what quest are done, and what skills are met?
  18. War of the Clans was well written, I could almost feel the bolts and arrows as they hit! I hope you plan to continue the story!
  19. Any news yet to when the calcs will be up and running? Just as a ballpark figure?
  20. Wow! I get first post. Yet another excellent issue of ham letters, thank you. A well done read.
  21. I get annoyed by people who preempt my world takeover plans. Not here in capitalist America, at least not that I know of. Oh, and as for grammar mistakes, I avoid the they're and who's problem by using they are, and who is.
  22. No problem, just give a heads-up when they're fixed please.
  23. How system heavy are mse and avast? Most anti viral programs I find, I download, run, then uninstall, because they are to system heavy to keep.
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